Potty Training

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baby123456 - May 5

My Son is 2 1/2 years old. He know that he has to do his potty in his potty seat, but still is recultant not to do it and does not tell me about it. Its almost close to One month that he is under potty training. Can anybody give my some more tips or suggest me.? Please. Thank you in advance.


skylersmom - May 5

my son just turned 3 today!! i started potty training him about 2 months ago, and believe me he didnt want anythin to do with it! i just wanted to give up. first of all, i took him to the store and bought him big boy undies. he liked them but didnt really want to wear them. i stay home with him during the day so i did make him wear them. that sounds bad but he wasnt kicking and screaming or aynthing. he just said he wanted a diaper. i just told him your a big boy skyler. big boys wear undies. i wear undies. daddy wears undies etc... stuff like that. then, i swear like every ten minutes i was asking him if he had to go potty and id set him on it. eventually it just works! but a HUGE part of it was TREATS! if he has an easter basket, you could tell him he can have something out of his easter basket if he goes on his potty like a big boy. i always gave him a treat. then, he was freaked out about going #2 so i started only giving him treats when he did #2 on the potty. now, he goes on his own! he doesnt even tell me he has to go. i do still put a diaper on him at night although he rarely ever goes in it. i take it off as soon as he wakes up. i hope this helps! it was easier for me because im home with him. let me know if you have any questions....i might of left some things out. but trust me, it wasnt easy at first! good luck!


princessnyprnc1 - May 5

My daughter just turned 3 in March. I began potty training in February...she wanted nothing to do with it. She loves dora so I bought her dora panties and some dora stickers . Every time she went pee she got a sticker (which i put on a chart i made) and if she went poopy she got 2 stickers. Then when she had so many stickers she got a treat. It took almost a week but she had it .....well the peeing part. doing number 2 was a different story.....she just grasped that concept about 3 weeks ago.......but stick to do it and he'll get it. Now im working on getting her to sleep without a pull up on......not easy considering shes very thirsty!


mommy2be27 - May 12

I've worked at a daycare off and on for 3 months... and helped with potty training more kids than I ever wanted! Some were easy.... in the beginning they would say "I've gotta go" holding themselves...and it was a mad rush to clear the bathroom. Others, we had to tell to ge tothe potty every couple of hours... they weren't happy about it, but got into the routine. Some weren't ready but we had to try at the parents insistance. One was ready but the parents weren't (he could clearly answer whether he was wet or dirty and apologized if he went #2!). One kid I'll never forget... he got the grasp because I did a "pee-pee on the potty dance" everytime he went. He would go pee every 15 minutes to see me make a fool of myself I swear. Point is, every kid is different and don't be ashamed you haven't figured it out in a month. We have some that it has taken 6 months+ and still have to put in pull-ups during nap. You'll figure it out... just don't give in!



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