Preganency Test Negitive But Are Really Pregnant

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sharsha - August 19

Please has one or two of you ladies out there, ever been very regular with periods & then been overdue with pregnancy type symptoms only to find negitive results for testing for pregnancy. I have had pain like cramps coming & going, for the past week with browny string mucas spotting with period pain feeling for nine days straight during mid cycle. I am now up to day 41 of my regular 30 to 32 day cycles? Has anyone else had a simular experience and actually found out that they were pregnant even know test were saying negative. on day 26 of a blood test and day 34 for a home urine test both were negitive?.


melanie - August 21

With all 3of my preg. the test said neg. I took one every day for about 2 weeks with my first. ALWAYS neg. I knew I was preg. so I went to the Dr. and he confirmed it. You may want to go either way cuz something might be going on. GOOD LUCK!


sharsha - August 21

Thankyou Melanie for your kind reply to my question.... When you say your tests were neg at first with your 3 children, and you tested for 2 weeks each day with your first..... about what time did your tests finally show Positive??? I have a doctors appt. this Tuesday if I do not get my overdue monthly visitors by then I think I shall ask for another preg test, Just incase as I am booked in for a pap smear & internal examination anyway...... But thankyou so much for taking the time to share your experience with me, greatly appriciated. What about you are you planning on anymore children? Sharsha x


DEBBIE - September 26

Not pregnant results hcg hormone levels.negitive results blood sampling. you are having a baby. mind over matter.


Shannon - October 5

Get a blood test done, thats the only way you will know for sure. Your hcg level should be within 10000-200000 in your first trimester. If you aren't pregnant your hcg level will come back under 5



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