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nay - December 2

i want to get pregent cause about 4 months ago i lost my first baby and i really wanted to have this baby but my family didn't want me to cause they didn't think my boyfriend was a good enought dad.We still have s_x cause we want another baby. My period is due today and if it comes on and i still feel like I'm pregent what should i do? for the past couple of days if i have been having cramping pain in my stomace but i don't know what to do? can anybody help me


April - December 21

What are the chances of my baby, who has polycystic. Of going away on its own?


Lacy - January 5

Wait for a couple of weeks and then see how you feel before taking a pregnancy test. It is not worth the money if your not pregnant. If you only spot for one day and it go's away then you can take a test.


bubba - January 15

i hate you


kelsey - February 3

i think you should take a preagnancey test.i had the same proublem i just didnt want a baby im way to young. so take my advice& take a pregnancey test.


emma - April 18

do you still get your period symptoms when you first find out your pregnant ie back and belly ache


jessica - April 27

hello im pregnant


karisha nelson - April 28

You should go to the doctors and see whats going to see if your pregent or not jus cause you period came on dont mean that you are not im a nurse and that happens sometimes you never know so you should stilll go and get checked out or thake an pregnancy test


tara - May 21

how long after having s_xual intercourse is it befor you can take a pregnancy test


natisha - May 22

how long would it take after getting off birth control to have a baby?


shawnna - June 8

Well you may be pregent but because of you loseing your last baby you may also be makeing your body think that you are. Give it time before you rush out and buy a test. wait at least a week. O and dont worrie about your family it is your life and if you and your boyfriend really want a baby then go for it. Good luck.


Elise - June 30

i know exactly how you feel in april i lost a baby at 6wks i know thats not very far but it meant alot to me i really wanted a baby. when i went to the hospital they told me to have another cycle then try again i did that and now i am 8 wks pregnant i got past the hurdle that scared me the most the 6wk mark.i am now looking forward to the furture not regreting the past, i know it sounds stupid and your properly hating hearing it but let nature take its course. i did and i am pregnant. life does what it wants. just belive it can happen and dont get upset if it doesn't it wont help. i hope you get everything you want in life. x


michelle - July 18

i had lost a baby a year ago and im still trying to have a child but i cant i thing that once u have lost a child u will still lost them


sarah - July 23

i have been through the same thing as you,and i know how hard it is to lose a baby i lost my first last year it is the worst thing that can happen to anyone but belive me hun u need time to morn for your baby.After i lost mine all i could think of was having another 1,its taken 1 year for me to get pregnant again at the time i thorght i was infertile, your boady needs time to ajust and u need time to move on from your babys death. Belive me its hard but your bodys telling you that you aint ready it will happen just give it time!!!!!!!!!!!!


isha - August 20

You sound like you have a lot of growing up to do and you should listen to your parents. I know this is not what you want to hear and I probably sound like a grown up. I can tell you are not very well educated and probably still in high school or just out of high school by the way you paragraph was written. Im going to be done with college in about 6 months and at one time I thought I wanted a child but Im glad I waited and got an education so I can support my child and give them the life they deserve. Just something you ought to think about.


nay - August 23

I think that you are trying way to hard to get pregnante. When your time is right, you will have the chance if god feels that you are up to the challenge. I myself am pregnante with my second child and I am going through a hard time cause I am giving the baby up for adoption. The last thing that you need to have to worry about is the fact of wanting a child so bad, but when it gets here wondering how in the world you are going to be able to take care of it.


AMANDA - August 29

Wait a week or two before you take a test. If you take it too early it is going to come up negative. The first thing that you should worry about is your realtionship with your boyfriend. Are you parents right???? They usually are. Make sure that he is going to be there through thick and thin...babies change people.....



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