Pregnancy And Tied Tubes

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nicci - May 3

What are the chances of my getting pregnant after having my tubes cut and burned?


Kelly K - May 4

Next to impossible if they are cut and burned.


~ - May 5

now here's a mind boggling one.. what if.. only ONE tube was cut tied and burnt.. and the other was removed due to an ectopic pregnancy.. what are the chances of THAT tube growing back.. I have heard of tubes repairing themselves after YRs.. tell me that one :)


~ - May 5

up please


Tracy Kahley - May 26

What are the chances of me getting pregnant after my tubes are burnt and tied?


Beth - June 1

My tubes were tied for 12 years and I never got pregnant. What I did have was heavier AFs and bad cramping. I have since had a reversal and my period is not so bad anymore. My AF was due yesterday and it did't come, only pinkish cm on the tp. So maybe I PG! ~~~baby dust~~~to all of you ^_^


LINDA - June 5



dyi - June 10

what are the chances of getting pregnant after having a tubal ligation burned .


karen - June 20

i had my tubes tied 14 years ago and i am having symptoms of pregnancy i was 22 when i had this done, i havent done a pregnacy test yet because this seems so unreal i would love to have another baby, and by the way i know of three different women that have gotten pregnant after tubals one in particular was my husbands aunt she was in her 40s and had had hers cut tied and burnt and she had a healthy baby boy


jolene - June 20

When I got my tubes tied. The doctor told me that 10 out of a 100 woman can get pregnant again. I sure hope its not going to be me.


Need Advice - June 21

I am late by a few days and feel nausious and jittery, had my tubes tied over 3 years ago, hpt said Negative, can I still be pregnant and have a negative sign? I'm confused and normally am not late by this many days.....


terri-lynn - June 29

i had my tubes done 10 weeks ago and hope that i dont get pregnant again...but my mom had hers done at 21 andalmost 20 yrs. later she had a misscarriage. apparently her wieght gain over the years cause her tubes to come undone. she only gained like 40 lbs. im interested in knowing what the chances of getting pregnant after having tubes done. hopefully next to


Stacey - July 1

I do not have an answer but I do have a question. I had gotten my tubes tied after my second child four years ago. I was not with my kids father at the time and I did not think that I would be with anyone after their father.. Well GOD has sent a wonderful man to me and we are wanting to have a child and get married. So my question is, can I still become pregnant while my tubes are tied, clipped and burned?


becky - July 13

i had my tubes tied 6 years ago i had apg test it said i wasnt but inow iam i would of got pg about easter what sould i do i have milk in my b___st and feeling movents in my belly help me


lill - July 14

any thing is possible. God made the mountains, he can make a baby.


jenny - July 15

what is the percentage of getting pregnant after you had your tubes tied


jeannie - July 15

i had a blood test for pregnancy and it came back negative. is there a chance it could be wrong? i am 43 and haven't had a peroid since may. also, my abdomen is getting larger and firmer .



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