Pregnancy And Tied Tubes

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jeannie - July 15

i had a blood test for pregnancy and it came back negative. is there a chance it could be wrong? i am 43 and haven't had a peroid since may. also, my abdomen is getting larger and firmer .


christie - July 17

help im 9 days late took hpt came back neg haveing all the signs could im be


confused1 - July 29

I had a tubal ligation in 5/99 after the birth of my son. They were just crimped and not cut. I look like I am 6 months pregnant. I have had my periods all along. I have only taken 1 hpt and it was negative, that was because a woman asked me when I was due. I have gained 20 lbs since march. I feel movements but I blame it on gas. I went to the Dr. she wouldn't check me for pregnancy. But she gave me a perscription for lexapro and told me to do sit ups to get rid of my fat belly.


!? - August 2

not sure, but a woman claims she is pregnant with triplets by her ex-husband whom she was with for ten years before they seperated; they tried to have a baby within those years but was unable to because her tubes were cut and burned.


Toshia - August 5

what the chance of becoming pregnant after 10years of having my tubes tied, clipped and burned?


Dawn - August 5

I had my tubes tied back in 1994.. well here it is 2005 & i am 8 1/2 months pregnant.. totally unexpeccted as u can imagine!! asked my dr how that couldve happened & he explained as with any surgery, over time scar tissue forms over the wound & that kinnda acts as its own tubing again... now with this pregnancy im very very high risk, but well worth it!! good luck if youre trying & just dont think about it hun!


VICTORIA - August 7



theresa - August 8

i had my tubes cut burned 11 years ago is it posible after all this time i could be now


C. S. - August 9

I have had my tubes cut burnt and tied over 9 years ago. I haven't gotten pregnant. What are the chances of me getting pregnant? Who's to say? However I do know a woman who had the same thing done to her and she had baby and then three years later she had another one. I know it can happen but what are the chances?


!!! - August 11

I'm no expert but I have had 3 children. I had mine tied after # 3 and here it is 3 years later and I am having the same symptoms that I had with the other three!! We'll see!


Jennifer H - August 18

my sister just had her tubes cut and burned eight months ago after having her fourth child. Today she found out that she is 9 1/2 weeks pregnant. Doctors say it is a normal healthy pregnacy so far. So i guess you can get pregnant after having tubes tied and burned.


chlmybll - January 4

Im wondering the same darn thing... and from the look of it there is a millon other women in the world that want to know too!!!


Malica - January 7

According to the failure rates posted for the various forms of birth control, the chances of getting pregnant after female sterilization is the same as the chances of getting pregnant while using both the birth control pill and condoms. Extremely unlikely, but still not zero


jaydawn - February 25

I had my tubes ties almost 9 years ago. And now I am having symtoms of soar swollen b___st and feelinf tiered, not to mention I smell alot of yukie smells I didnt notice before. Is it possible I am pregnet I have not missed my pg yet so I cant take a test. Or maybe is this a sign of something bad like b___st cancer? Please help


dee3 - July 23

i had my tubes cut and tied six years ago after my third child, and i just found out last monday that i am four months pregnant. yes it is possible


vanessa1960 - October 1

jeanie: with my pregnanies i had a hard time for that rabbit to die off my 2nd pregnancy i was 4 1/2 months at least before the blood and urine test showed i was preggy the drs said i was nuts so here i am at 47 doing the waiting game again altho i was supposed to never have another baby (tubes just cut and 1 cm took off each end 18 yrs ago and then 12 yrs ago had a miscarriage) i am having your symptoms and alot of my friends think i am preggy by looking at me i am not gaining wt either but piggying out like i will starve to death soon!



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