Pregnancy At 40

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sheryl - December 12

I just found out I am pregnant. This will be my third child. My youngest is 6 years old. I am very nervous about being pregnant at 40. I hear of it all the time but have never talked to anyone personally. Can someone tell me what to expect?


stephanie - December 13

I think you just expect the same as before, the dr may do more ultrasounds & tests because of the age but that's about it...My mom was 42 when she had my little sister & she said that was the only thing different about being pregnant that time then with the rest of us...


Christine - December 13

I agree with Stephanie...they will runs some extra tests...because your chances of carry a baby with things such as down syndrome increase...but are not anything to worry yourself about...they will probably want to do a check for such things...but even younger woman get these done...good luck...


E - December 13

Sheryl, although you run a high risk of carrying a baby with Down's Syndrome at age 40 (1 in 100), you do not have to have any tests performed if they will not make a difference in your decision to keep the baby. I have a friend who is having a child at 35 and will keep the baby regardless of what tests show. The doctors are in a frenzy with her as she refuses an amniocentesis. It is your choice and do not let any doctor force you into tests that are usless and costly, if you plan to keep your baby. Good luck!!


robin - January 10

hi sheryl, well i dont know what exactly to tell you but that im going thru it myself, i will be 41 on the 21st. i have to go tomm and have a level 2 ultrasound done and that really scares me. my youngest is 16yrs. so this is all really scarey. maybe we can help each other thru this. ok hope to here from you soon. my email address is [email protected], take care, robin


Jenny L - January 10

I'm 28 wks with my 4th. I'm 38 and my youngest is 7-1/2. So, I'm starting all over as well. I'm a high risk preg. not only because of my age but because I'm gestational diabetic and also found that I have kidney disease (blood/protein in urine). Otherwise, pregnancy is exactly the same as the previous ones, just more doctors looking out for you, more tests, more visits. I schedule all of them for the same day (luckily they're all within 5 miles of each other) Already had an amnio and baby is perfectly normal. Don't's not that big of a deal. Good Luck.


robin - January 11

hi everyone its me again. just wanted to let you all know i was scared for nothing. i hAd the ultrasound done and the baby is healthy as can be. just the right size for 18 1/2 weeks. oh yeah and its a boy. im excited cus that is what we wanted. good luck to you all.



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