Pregnancy Symptoms 2 Neg Tests

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6yrs.babydreams - March 2

I have alot of symptoms, weight gain, constipation, thirst and excess saliva, nausea and fatigue and bloated belly. I took a hpt and 1 at dr's office, both neg. He said it's just a lot the pregnancy hormone tricking my body. He examined me as well. This doesn't make any sense to me.


reason0307 - March 10

Well I am kinda in your same boat.I went to the doctor and the urine test was negative.I take a test monday.Did you receive any other results lately and have you been back to the doctor?


6yrsbabydreams - March 10

Reason0307, I took one more hpt that was negative. On the 9th I got up feeling bad as I have been and later had to lay back down for about 2 hrs or so. I went to my family dr. and they took blood but not for hcg, he's wanting to look at the thyroid but I am going to have a pelvic ultrasound on the 13th. I'm hopeful it will show something good. Best of luck to you!


Ca__sie - March 12

Lately I ve found myself Puking but not like puking but i am, its weird its more like a spit up of puke on and off for the last week and im 15 days late , took 1 test said negative so why am i still feeling weird. and puking. and sleepy?? and i ve been discharging way to much, for me not to be pregant.. im so confused.


6yrs.babydreams - March 13

Ca__sie, I know what you mean. I've had more discharge than usual. When I go to the bathroom I have a lot of discharge and it's kinda hard to tell is it that it. You know what I mean? I get sleepy too. This past weekend I was so drained and sick. All this stuff is confusing. Since you're 15 days late a blood test would have to show something by now. Go to the doc. and see what you can find out and good luck!!


6yrs.babydreams - March 13

I went for my ultrasound today. I'll find out the results tomorrow from the dr but I'm not expecting anything good. It was a pelvic ultrasound with a full bladder and where my uterus showed up at was completely black. I don't know what to do about all these symptoms that I've been having and my bloated belly. Any encouraging words would be appreciated.


6yrs.babydreams - March 21

I'm back. I'm continuing to have symptoms. I took an Equate test this morning that was negative. Then after I ate breakfast, I felt so sick in stomach and head, went and slept for 1hr. 45 mins. I am so aggravated!! Any advice would be appreciated.


Funny_Gal_2007 - April 15

Im having the same problem, symtoms f extremely sore b___bs, nausea, headaches, cramping, a little mucus, and Im 2 weeks late or so but it varies. I took one test last night, said negative.... Im going to go to a doctor to see if they can help but its saturday so.. : (.... 6yrsbabydreams how did it go?? Are you pregnant or anything?


6yrs.babydreams - April 18

Funny_Gal_2007, Hi. As far as I know I'm not pregnant now. Keeping my fingers crossed, I received a great touch by the hand of God a couple of weeks ago. Last thursday I thought I was going to start my period and nothing ever happened. I was for sure that I was going to. I'm kinda like stuck in between. Am i pregnant or is my period again or not?!? Do you know anything new for yourself?



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