Pregnant Or Just In My Head

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lilbean - February 5

I am new to this site so bare with me.. I need some advice from anyone who has been pregnant recently or who already has children.. I am losing my mind at this point so here goes.. Well I have been pregnant 6 times since I was 17 and none of them made it.. I was pregnant at the end of 2008 with twins.. I had a missed miscarriage with them.. Missed miscarriage (when the baby stops developing but you still have all positive signs of pregnancy).. My miscarriage was in january of 2009, which by the way this was the longest pregnancy I ever had.. I have not been able to get pregnant since then.. So now it's february 2010 and I am having such horrible signs of pregnancy but already had one negative pg test.. My symptoms of pregnancy include feeling extremely nauseous, hightened sense of smell, feeling dizzy and lightheaded, sore nipples (sorry if TMI!), extreme fatigue with insomnia.. I love to drink coffee but yesterday while I drank my coffee every sip I took I felt more and more sick.. I ended up throwing up to the point where my throat felt like it was on fire (sorry again if TMI!).. I got my usual 8hrs of sleep last night but feel so tired as if I have already been awake for 24hrs.. Now the thing that I need to share is when I was pregnant in 2008 they found abnormal cells on my cervix and had to have this surgery called a colpo (where they sc__pe the cells off the cervix to see if they are cancerous).. I do have pre-cancerous cells.. I had a normal period nov. 1st, 2009 which lasted the normal 7 days.. 7 days after I stopped bleeding I started again.. The bleeding went on for a few days and then all I had was spotting. That spotting lasted until Jan. 21st, 2010.. I didn't even think I would ovulate, so once I started getting all these pregnancy symptoms it made me worried b/c of my previous miscarriages and the cells on my cervix.. Now i am cramping like I'm about to start my cycle!! I'm so confused!! I am so sorry this is a very personal and long post but who knows, there might be someone out there who has had to go through it.. Any advice, tips or opinions would be very helpful.. Thanks for taking the time to read this..


19yroldMomma - March 1

Obviously you must be trying for a baby, when they did the colposcopy on you and found pre cancerous cells they were probably referring to a-typical cells which have the POTENTIAL to develop into cancer. Having A-Typical cells is neither a good or bad thing it's unusual but has been found in alot of women and even myself. Things that could affect your pap smear to show cells such as these is if you've recently had a v____al infection of some sort during or before your exam (like a yeast infection) or if you've had intercourse a day or two before your exam which would cause irritation to your v____a but, I wouldn't go off of my word seeing as I'm not a professional and i'm 19 it's best to ask your doctor for additional information regarding that situation, he may know things that are specific to you and your health. The fact that you've had multiple pregnancys in the past that didn't make it could indicate a problem (such as incompetent cervix) or be mother natures way, I really don't know you so I can't say that it's due to any other current medical condition you may have such as diabetes. Did you know, your mental state could affect your body? The deep need or want to become pregnant can literally create a false pregnancy in which your body produces the same hormones not pregnant as if you were pregnant (psuedocyesis), but usually those type of things are ruled out early during doctor visits because of course u/s will indicate there is no actual baby there. Last but not least, baby fever, trying to get pregnant can put alot of unnecessary stress on yourself and your partner and when this happens you could be supressing your body from functioning normally which could supress ovulation even though you are having your period (anovulatory bleeding). In order to test this "theory" you may want to try ovulation kits which can be found in any local wal mart or nearby drug store. Advice for increasing your chances to concieve if you are stressed is to find a hobby and try not to think about getting pregnant anymore and usually this works, it takes alot of unnecessary stress and pressure off of you to allow your body to return to normal and perform as it should. I've been told I could have endometriosis (uterine cells invade and occupy areas within the walls of the uterus, outside the uterus and even a small portion of the intestine, creating minor to large protrusions in the uterus which makes implantation after fertilization difficult) this of course worried me and I think I put alot of undue stress on myself and my body and even tried for a baby for a little while and over a year pa__sed i was unable to get pregnant. I realized I'm so young and have a whole life ahead of me and I was sure some sort of technology would help me get pregnant when I was ready, over those course of 6 months I've decided this I got on birth control and tested positive for pregnancy a month later. I am now 18 weeks pregnant. I definently would go see the doctor if i were you, my intentions are to give you IDEAS and ADVICE not a DIAGNOSIS I wish you the best of luck and hope this helps :)!



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