Pregnant With Due Date In Late Feb Early Mar

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ksorbin - June 25

Hi all...I though I would start a forum for people who just found out they were pregnant and are due late February/Early March 2007. I am 31 y/o and have 2 boys from a previous marriage. I also have a step son. My current hubby n I have been married since 10/04. We fell pregnant on 1/2005, but unfortunately I had a missed miscarriage at 18wks. We delivered a baby boy, Micah, born still on 4/27/06. I just found out on 6/20, that we are pregnant again. I am very nervous. I have one thing telling me my due date is 2/28/07 and another telling me 3/1/07. I THINK the March date is the accurate one. I do in for an ultrasound on 7/10. I cannot wait. I am sooooooo nervous. I figured this thread could be for women due aroung the same time and we can share our experiences. -Kortnee


honeybee - June 27

I just found out on Monday that I'm due February 28th. And that is the first time I've seen it in print. I must say, though, that I'm disappointed in the way I've felt about it. We had been trying for 10 months, so I thought I'd be excited. Instead I feel at times overwhelmed and embarra__sed to be pregnant. It doesn't help that I have my high school reunion coming up, so I'll be showing then, too. I'm not even looking forward to telling my parents. I have no idea why, but probably because they are "baby" kind of people. Actually, I'm not a "baby" person either. Sigh...


karen goode - June 27

Maybe you are just nervous honeybee. I am so happy to be pregnant also considering the fact that I just had two miscarriages I appreciate my pregnancy even more.


honeybee - June 27

well, I think the moodiness has definitely hit me, because NOW I feel happy and maybe even a little excited about being pregnant. It's still hard for me to call it "the baby", though. And I forgot to mention that I've had one chemical pregnancy and that I'm 28 with thyroid disease.



Hi Im also due around the same time. This will be my first pregnancy and I'm 30, married for 2 years.. I am also concerned about miscarriage. What is the normal time frame for the first prenatal visit???


ksorbin - July 3

Hey Newby....your first prenatal visit is anywhere from 8 to 12wks. I am going this week, but that is just because I have had a previous m/c during my 2nd trimester. It is normal to worry about miscarriage. Unfortunately it happens more frequently than I like to admit, but fortunately when it does happen it is often because of a horrible abnormality. Sometimes, that is not the case (as my baby appeared perfectly normal) and it is a mystery. Try not to worry too much. The threat of miscarriage is considerably low after 20wks...even after 12 wks it is rare. Good luck. -Kortnee


Breaking_Heart - July 11

I was supposed to be due on the 2nd of march but at 6 weeks I had an u/s (due to bleeding) and it said I was not 6 weeks that I was more like 5 weeks even though my dates were prefect and I hadnt had a period in 6 weeks to date so now my due dat should be roughly on the 9th of march but this will be confirmed on the 17th of july when I find out if my pregnancy is ending or still viable


Janny - July 25

ksorbin - I remember you from the other forum "miscarriage - past, present, and not in my future!" Congratulations on your pregnancy. I just found out last Thursday I was pregnant as well! I'm so happy for both of us! That m/c was hard and I now I feel scared and worried that it might happen again - but I'm trying to be positive! I too have lots of questions and I'm confused as well about due dates and how far along I am. I thought how many weeks along you are is how old the fetus is - but I guess was was dumb because I found today that from the first day of your last period - I would be 5 weeks pregnant - but the fetus would be 3 weeks. Can anyone explain???? Thanks! ;o)


ksorbin - July 26

Hey Janny--congrats on your pregnancy. Hopefully I can help you with the dating issue. are 5wks pregnant, but the gestational age of your baby is only 3wks. They do this for simplicity although it does tend to make things more confusing LOL!!. See...there is no way to know the exact date that you conceived so medical professionals go by your LMP for dating. It is a__sumed that you ovulated about 14 days after the 1st day of your LMP. For most women, the only way the doc can "date your pregnancy" is by using the 1st day of your LMP. This is why they include those 2wks between the LMP and your acual ovulation/conception. It is all they have to go by. Now...with u/s so readily available, they could probably figure out the exact gestational age, but usually people do NOT get an u/s early on in pregnancy (only at 20wks or so when it is less accurate at dating the size/age of the baby). This is why the old-fashioned way of dating a pregnancy is still used. So for all practical purposes, your are 5wks pregnant (but your baby's only been cooking in there for 3wks.) Hope that helps and I hope you are feeling well. I have been feeling sorta punk. Just a tad bit of m/s. I will talk to you later. -Kortnee


Sher - July 28

Hello. I found out a last month that I was pregnant. Due around 2/28/07 - 3/1/07. I wasn't really expecting it being that I just gave birth to a baby girl 1/15/06. Although this baby wasn't planned I consider it a blessing and I'm really excited. I had my appointment on Wednesday I am about 8 weeks and I saw the baby's heart beat. Can't wait to find out what I am having this time around. Although I am nervous at the idea of having two kids 13 months apart.



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