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LoveMyAngel - October 18

I need as MANY answers as humanly possible before I go to the doctors today, so maybe I wont be as worried. Alright, for one, my daughter is 11 months old, and when I was pregnant with her I bled for 4 days, heavy. I didn't loose her and everything turned out to be normal. Well I recently found out I am 7 weeks pregnant at a clinic (about a few weeks ago) and for the past week, I have been having brown discharge that at first was just tinted brown, then brown, and that lasted 3 days, then I have been having bleeding, no pain, open cervix, and it isn't heavy, not compared to my normal periods. I still feel pregnant, still have nausea, and I have a little pooch that last night my fiance and I agreed got a little bit bigger. I don't know what to tell my doctor (first appt today...) and I don't know what to think. Can anyone help me?


tish212 - October 18

from everything I've heard about miscarriages...the blood is bright red...not brown...I've heard of a lot of women who get brown spotting during pregnancy. and since u had the bleeding with ur daughter....then I would keep faith that ur lo is going to be ok..I'm sure I'm not the first person u were hoping to hear from however...u posted a question looking for help...I can't not offer my support.... oh and just so u know while I post in teen pregnancy offering support...I am not a teen nor was I a teen mother...and I am happily married with a planned pregnancy...(maybe now ull stop calling me kiddo) and no I never cheated on my hubby I just think anon made a foolish mistake that she is already gonna have to deal with for th rest of her and lemme know what ur dr says...


tish212 - October 18

I am a bit worried for u since u haven't posted again I know ur post said u were going to the dr...but I would think ud be home by now.... I really hope everything went well ...please let me know.


LoveMyAngel - October 19

I told the doctor about my bleeding. They decided to give me a u/s. well they saw no baby but they saw a yolk sac and he said it just looks like an earlier pregnacy to me but i might be m/c. so i went to get hcg levels checked have to go bak saturday.



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