Question Re Dating Pregnancy

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karen goode - June 22

I am frustrated b/c I went to my RE's office today. I had a Hysterosalpinogram on 5/31 and started ttc on 6/1. I found out I was preg. two days ago. I figured I was 2 weeks preg. b/c I was unable to have s_x before 5/31. My first sono is 7/5. My RE's office told me I will be 6 weeks at that time and they expect to see a yolk sac, gest. sac, embryo and heart beat. I won't really be 6 weeks at that time. I have already had 2 miscarriages in the last 6 months. So I am scared. I know they date by the first day of your last period but it does not make sense.


Mrs.Jrob - June 22

Thats right, you will be 6wks by then. I know it's weird, but thats how it works


Tammy276 - June 22

It's weird how the gestational age is figured out, but that is right. You would be 6 weeks.


karen goode - June 23

Thank you so much for your help it is weird.


ksorbin - June 25

Karen...the normal reference of how many weeks you are includes the two week BEFORE conception even occur. So...on 7/5, you will be 6wks gestational age, but 4weeks post-conception. The reason they do it this way is because MOST people do not get u/s early on in pregnancy, just at 20wks. SO, the only way they can determine the due date is via the LMP (which includes 2wks prior to conception usually). I hope that makes sense. Good luck with your pregnancy. It sounds like you and I are almost the same. I found out that I was pregnant on 6/20. I THINK I am due 3/1. I am getting a sono on 7/10. I will be 6wks and 5days then. I DO want you to know that if you have an u/s on 7/5 and you do not see a heartbeat...IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU WON'T EVENTUALLY. The dating thing is NOT an exact science. Good luck and keep me updated. -Kortnee


karen goode - June 28

ksorbin thank you so much. I understand it all but it still frustrates me. I am trying really hard to be positive. I know it is a good thing my RE already found a gestational and yolk sac. It's just that I have had so many bad experiences wiht sono's. My husband is going with me so that will help. I found out on 6/20 too.



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