Quitting Crack During Pregnancy

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Karen - March 7

What are the effects on an unborn baby if the mother stops smoking crack in the third month of her pregnancy? Will the baby be healthy? Will there be long term effects down the road such as learning dissabilities?


lily2 - March 7

Please don't have the baby...


AshleyB - March 7

There will definatly be long term affects if the mother does NOT stop smoking crack!!! Please consider your options, if you're not ready to quit, then my advice would be to not have this baby. No child deserves to come into this world going through drug withdrawals and not being able to learn or function as well as normal kids. This will affect this baby's whole life.


KristinaHold - March 8

I agree with the above posts. By the third month all of the major organs have already developed. The first 3 months are the most crucial. If a mother has been smoking crack during this time serious damage probably already happened. I think the mother should not have the baby and get help to get herself healthy before ever trying to bring a life into the world.


Anne - March 8

People who've used crack during pregnancy deliver babies every day. Is it a good thing, absolutely not. If you are using, STOP NOW. Damage may or may not have been done, but you can prevent any further damage by not using any more drugs or alcohol. Don't let anybody tell you if you should have this baby or not. That's your decision to make.


MaryAnne - March 9

Those 3 women are sure being demanding... - - - Your baby could be affected by the crack, or maybe not. You won't really know until she/he's born. If you make the decision to stop smoking crack now, it'll be a lot better for both of you.


AshleyB - March 9

I don't think I was demanding. I just stated that if she's not willing to quit smoking crack then she should consider her options. And everything else I said was true too. I simply answered her question.


crackedup - March 14

Crack Kills


Atarahsmommy - March 17

I don't think that it is right for someone to do that to a child and you should definatly get help now, but telling this girl not to have the baby and that she needs to consider HER options is not right, they are not just her options, they affect her unborn baby and it is not her choice to take that baby's life away, who are we to decide who gets to live and who doesn't, I would much rather have lived a life with damaged nerves than not have been given a chance to live life at all, I'm certanly glad that my parents didn't decide that they could chose to do what they wanted with my life, and think that it was "her" body and that she could do whatever she wants with it, it is not "her" body it is a person growing inside of "her" body. people need to respect life and a persons right to live. I think it is wonderful that this girl is asking for advice, and yes you should quit right away get some help, there may be damage already done, but you can prevent it from being any worse than it already is, get help so you can make a good life for you cand your baby, and if you can't take care of the baby than there are plenty of people who would love to have a baby and can't the waiting list to adopt is very long and your baby could have a wonderful home even if you can't provide one for it. Consider your baby, you need to do what is right for your baby


sonia989 - May 25

Crack babies definitely have a lot of problems when they're born, but studies have not proven that they will be screwed-up for the rest of their lives. A lot of other things after birth also affect a baby's development. On the other hand, abortion is a serious issue and has long-term repercussions for a lot of women. I had one when I was 22 and fell into a terrible depression that laster 5 years and almost ruined my life. I will forever mourn that baby, which my doctors told me to abort because I had had a b___st reduction while pregnant and they thought i shouldn't continue the pregnancy. My advice to someone who is on crack and pregnant would be to look into your heart and decide what is right for you. If you want to have this baby, you MUST take responsibility for it and get medical help and get detoxed, and i strongly recommend going to rehab, which will help you learn life skills and coping strategies that you will need to stay clean and live your life without drugs. The Lord can use your pregnancy as a blessing and help you get your life back on track, if you let Him, and if you let people help you.


frankschick2001 - May 31

A mother who smokes crack all the way up until her third trimester is taking serious chances with the health of her baby. No one here can say with 100% what will happen to the child but I think it is common sense that drugs hurt unborn children! Babies are very easily addicted to the drugs that its mother is addicted to. Lets put it this way, after your child is born, do you plan to get high together? When your child is say, 9 or 10, do you plan to sit down and actually do drugs TOGETHER? Because that is what a crack smoking mother is doing with her unborn child. Getting high with it. The baby gets as high as the mother. Anyway, after a baby is born he can have numerous health issues, brain damage, born premature, they don't eat properly, they can have digestive issues, respiratory issues, cardiovascular issues, immune deficiencies, cerebal palsy, mental retardation, they also have to go through withdrawal which is physically painful for the baby! Starting life like that is simply unfair for him. He can be born blind or have autism. Many will have learning and behavioral disabilites later in life as well. We cannot prevent all bad things, but we want to at least try to do what we can to give them a fair chnace in life right? The facts are out there, if you have a computer or local library, look this information up for yourself. I am really hoping that you are just asking for a school project or something and that you are not actually smoking crack while pregnant.


flower.momma - June 2

Actually, I have some non-judgemental advice for you, unlike some of these ladies. Don't have an abortion, what is done is done. My husband's cousin was a user throughout most of her pregnancy, and had a healthy boy, who was adopted by her mother. She was not responsible enough to care for him. There, of course, is a high risk of birth defects, but if you start visiting a quality doctor who is experienced in this sort of thing, your child may turn out to be perfectly fine.


lexa - June 2

Karen, my question is why are you waiting until your third month to stop? How long have you known you were pregnant? If you've known for a few plus more weeks and haven't stopped already, are you sure you can stop now? You are gambling with the unborn childs future. There is a huge risk that he or she can be born with birth defects or physical/mental dissabilities. You may get lucky and it will be healthy. Please stop smoking it all together for the sake of your unborn child and your own health for that matter also!


Olivene - June 6

Get help for your addiction now. Don't try to do it on your own. Your baby needs you to stop! I don't know the longterm problems, but the sooner you quit, the better. Get help! Good luck.


Cloud 9 Doula - June 20

And how many of you are opting for epidurals?


NURSEJ - June 20

well from what i know the sooner u stop the better. but if u keep it up u can be at risk for whats could placent acretia. thats when ur placenta ripes from ur uterine wall prematurley and ur at risk for hemorrage or bleeding very severly. ur baby could have multiple problems from learning, physical deformities, even still born, premature also.


NURSEJ - June 20

cloud9doula an epidural is nothing like crack, no epidural has ever made a baby mentally retarded or physically. everyone does not want a NATURAl BIRTH, i know thats ur job but some of us want comfort while in delivery. u don't have to go through pain to experience a delivery.. and how many people after giving birth are on street corners looking for epidurals.



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