Recent 3 Day AF Amp I M Normally A 7 Dayer Whats Going On

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Equuss - May 20

I'm looking for ANY kind of input or advice on my situation..So here we go....I had a stillbirth back in Nov 2005...I've had normal periods but the cycle days were alittle off...Two months ago, I got my regular number of cycle days back, which are 28)...My last AF was only for 3 days..1st day was nothing but brown blood...2nd day was a DARK DARK red.....3rd day was brown blood...4th day no blood at all whats so ever...Normal AF for me composes of 7 days of bright red heavy flow w/ cramps...I took a hpt a day before the brown blood showed up & it was Neg.- ...I have never been on birth control or have taken any kind of meds, nor have I been stressed...I've NEVER had an irregular AF like that before so this is new to me, should I be worried? Has anyone had a 3 day AF like I did?..If so, did you ever find out the reason for it??...Should I take another hpt or just wait to see how my next AF goes???...Sorry this was so long but I wanted to give all the info I could...If I left anything out or if you need more info, please let me know....Thanks :)


Tammy276 - May 21

I would just wait to see how your next AF goes. I had a m/c in January, an ever since then, my AF's have been weird. I am normally like you. 7 days of heavy flow, and the last three months, its been 3-4 days of light to moderate, usually only use a total of 2 or 3 tampons, the rest of the time its so light, I wear a liner. So I would just wait until next month. At least you returned to your normal cycle days. I used to have a 32 day cycle, lately its been between 43-48. Kinda hard to get pregnant when I don't know how long my cycles are going to be!! So I woudn't worry about it too much. If you are concerned about it, wait a week or so, and take another test, but I think you are fine. Our bodies play weird tricks on us when stuff like that happens. It can take a long time for our bodies to get back to normal. So good luck and I hope this helped!!



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