Showing Too Early

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sidlee - July 20

hi guys,i am 6wks & this is my 4th bub.i had a miscarriage in jan at 11wks & began to "show" too early & later found out it was just fluid due to a prob.again this week my belly has popped & it is quite firm & i cant suck it in.i am only 50kg & dont know if it has anything to do with body size or how many pregancies you have had but i am very worried & nervous,any words of advice or rea__surance please??Lee


Candietimestwo - July 23

Okay It's more common for a woman pregnant with her second child to show sooner, but like babies that are already Born babies in womb grow at their own pace. So some mohters gain weight faster than other and some mothers carry different so this could be the cause of you looking like your bigger than your friend. There is always a chance women can be carring Twins and not know it untill their 1st ultra sound, so best of luck to you and god Bless. I an 12 weeks and look like I am 22 weeks with my second Child


jamieford05 - August 27

Look. I'm only 6 weeks and 6 days and I took a picture of me at 6 weeks and 2 days and I look the same as I did at 6 months with my first. You CAN show this early. Yes your baby is small but the placenta could be larger or as some of these ladies pointed out it could be your uterus. You could also be having more than one baby. Everyone I know is saying I'm having twins. And trust me if it's bloating you'll know. I was so bloated with my first it was unreal. It is rock hard this time and no gas pressure at all. It happens sometimes. And for those about to tell me I'm further along trust me I'm not. Living in a house with your boyfriends mother and sharing a room with a 10 month old kinda rules out the s_x life. We've only had one chance since we had to move here and that was when I got pregnant. It's sad. But yeah there are tons of things it could be. Either way "Showing" is still showing. Weither it is due to gas or a big baby or multiples or any number of reason. Don't worry about it though. I have the picture on my myspace just put "i_hate_getting_hacked" after the myspace dot com part


marg23 - August 27

Everone is different. I have two friends at the moment one is 28weeks and the other is 10weeks and they are the same size, I think i dosnt matter if its your 1st 2nd or 3rd baby it will be a different size at the same stage. jamieford05 im in the same boat me and my parnter are living with my parents at the moment and my son is about to turn 1, so ttc for us is, HARD. lol But thank god we are moving out in 4 weeks, finally.


Jamieford05 - August 27

I'll be here another year!!! He is finishing school here and that means I'm going to have another little one if not two not sure yet in that same room! It's scary. Good Luck though. I'm jealous.


BAF - September 2

I am 13 wks, starting to show a little & just saw my OB on Thursday. She said it's perfectly normal to look the way I do as around 12 wks, the uterus can no longer fit in the abdominal cavity & has no where else to go but out. I too am small so Jodie, you are normal. Enjoy your little bump! I know I am! No offense Tammy276, but everyone is different according to my dr.


Kspa - September 6

A lot of times, in the very beginning, you will be bloated. I'm on my second and it's identical w/ the first time. I felt I showed more when I was 8 weeks than 12 weeks. I am now 16 weeks and barely showing. there is less bloating. I don't understand you guys that say you didn't show until you were 6 months pregnant. This is impossible unless you are overweight.


princesa - September 6

All women carry babies differently. Some are carried more toward the spine, some are carried high and some are carried low. IT IS VERY POSSIBLE TO NOT SHOW UNTIL 6 MONTHS, EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT OVERWEIGHT. To say that it is impossible does not hold true when there are medical facts to back it up.


princesa - September 6

also,i am 15 wks 6 d and not showing AT ALL. and unless i all of a sudden pop out in the next day, that should be proof enough that pregnancies are different for different women and dont carry the same way or shoe at the same time.


sarah21 - September 7

Yep. I am 5'10" tall and a bit overweight. I am almost 12 weeks pregnant and I am showing. My stomach is rock hard and sticking out from my belly b___ton down. It's not bloating, it's not my imagination. This is my first child and I am showing this early. It just varies for everyone. And if one more person tells me it's bloating... well, it won't be pretty.


lastchance - October 31

Just a thought... I am short and slim. With my first pregnancy (which I only carried for 3-4 months) I started out at about 97lbs... and I was 5'3.... I showed FAST... I would say in less than 2 months... since I have lost 2 naturally.... but every time it shows earlier, even though I have NOT carried one to full term... so... I know that I show right away, and feel symptoms early...


reneenay - November 2

I am 12 weeks now and about a week and a half ago, I noticed that I was starting to stick out slightly. It is my first pregnancy. I know that I was very bloated in the beginning, but this is different. Some women show early, some show's that simple. Obviously, if you are thin, you are going to show a lot faster. Why is everyone so fired up about picking sides about this? Who really cares when you start to show or not? Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different.


mmcdonald - January 29

Lets face the facts....we are all different. I bet we all know someone who was carrying low and was told she was having a boy- and vis-versa. I'm 5'10 and weigh 145. I am 13w and look like I am already 5 months. I have already bought maternity clothes. Those of you who are showing early- there could be many possibilites why...but don't worry we are just a hand-full of women who are lucky enough to show early...and be happy!


sarah21 - January 29

Well I am now 32 weeks pregnant and would like to share that even though I kind of popped out there early, it stayed like that for a while and I'm still not as big as a lot of women. I didn't really look "pregnant" to people who didn't know me until I was around 22 weeks. So just because you stick out there early doesn't mean you'll be huge. :)


kiddies - February 3

its way much better than not showing. my sister didnt even know she was pregnant till about 18 weeks. She had no signs at all and only took a test since she could not fit into her weight loss jeans


taylormade - February 20

I am 11 weeks pregnant and I am showing as well, i say it depends on the female and there body. You cant say that it is unlikely for a person to not be showing already because you wasnt or your friend wasnt. I had just lost 45 lbs and kept it off and now I'm nothing but stomach at 11 weeks, so yes it is possible to show this early



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