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Maleficent - April 23

i haven't, but over time mine are hardly noticable. hopefully this baby wont slam me with even more. (crossing my fingers) it's nothing to be ashamed about. i hope you find something that works for you, for me sunscreen was my magic cure.


amber - April 28

I got bad stretch marks with the first pregnancy and although they did fade I have been using a great cream called Trilastin...a bit expensive but it has worked really well in helping the fading of existing stretch marks. I am also using it during my second pregnancy and have yet to see any new stretch marks. May be worth a try before the thought of expensive laser removal surgery.


Jessy - May 2

I don't know if you've heard this before but you may notice in the commercials they are advertising copper in there stuff for antiaging creams...well there is a sight where you can get pure copper suspended in colloidal form in pure water, spray it on the area, it soaks into the skin and it firms and tones amazingly! marks firming and toning is the thing you want the, I mean, overweight women who lose weight have to deal w/stretch marks all the time! You don't need surgery, that'll just give you more marks you don't need.


Jessy - May 2

Sorry, meant to add that I got stretch marks on the first baby and it was totally embarra__sing for me, too..but I only got it in my b___t and thighs, so when I went swimming I just wore shorts over my bathing suit and it got me thru that embarra__sing time when it is all red (very noticeable) and itchy...but it all faded so soon after the baby was born and I haven't gotten anymore marks for the second (probably cuz I gain the same amount everytime..50lbs..and then lose it all afterward)and I plan to just leave it alone until after my fourth is born...just to be sure I don't waste my time and money...but either way, I think the sagging is all I would have to worry about later...but I'm still quite young and my marks are hardly have to look REAL close to see them...anyway, sad to say, I just look kinda ugly during pregnancy..I just don't like the added fat to my face...eww! And then the puffy feet and fingers!! Uck! I just have to live w/it..then about a year after the baby is born everyone exclaims about how skinny I look! It makes me feel much better...too bad it takes that long to get a positive response again...haha!



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