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pinkie - March 26

My question is specifically about bleeding but I also would like any input on signs syptoms and experieces when you first found out you were pregnant. Did anyone have implantation bleeding? If so what did it look like, how long did it last, how heavy was it, and what color.? Everyone else, what was the first indication you were pregnant, when did it occur and how did you react?


Erica - April 5

The signs of my pregnancy was that i normally fell cold in the morning and evening, vomitting, feeling very tired and lost of appet_te - April 5

Before I found out I was pregnant, I had implantation bleeding like a week after I conceived, it only lasted for about 2 days and it was very light and the color was kinda pinkish. I would feel like I did hundreds of situps when I woke up in the morning. I'm a smoker and everytime I would try to smoke a cigarette it would make me sick, but I never got sick throughout my whole pregnancy. I took a pregnancy test about a week before my period was supposed to come and it came out positive. I just knew I was pregnant cause my body was just not normal so I knew something was up.


corinne - April 5

I didn't have any idea that I was pregnant. I was on b/c and had irregular af's. The only reason I found out was because I had a really bad kidney and bladder infection, and had to go to the doctors. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have known. I had no symptoms through out my entire pregnancy.


corinne - April 5

Oh except no af's.


krisowens - June 14

corinne- how soon before your af did you find out you were preggers? Just curious..with my first baby - I was already 7 wks...she was sorta an accident..but we are "trying" this time...I want to take a test this sunday...5 days before my af is due...what is your opinion?


Tammy276 - June 14

I had implantation bleeding w/ my son. It was just light, pinkish/brownish discharge when I wiped, and it occured about a week/week and a half before AF was due. But, implantation bleeding can be different for everyone! There are some women whose implantation bleeding is heavier, and they think it is a period. But it usually isn't quite as heavy, and doesn't last as long. And some women don't get it at all. The first symptoms I noticed with my first pregnancy was tender nipples and b___sts, and cramping. I felt like AF was coming, but it never arrived! Then it was the tiredness, and feeling sick and lightheaded all the time.


Tiffany814 - June 15

Since I never had a regular menstrual cycle (b/t 38-45 days) I never really know when my af was coming unless my b___sts got sore- as soon as they got sore, I knew it was on its way. When I found out I was pregnant, my b___sts got sore as usual, I was bloated (typical b/f af) and some minor cramping. Thats morning sickness, tiredness, lightheadedness, nothing. I actually felt better than normal. I know, I'm weird. My point is, don't think b/c you aren't experiencing any 'normal' pregnancy sypms, that you aren't pregnant. I was and had no idea until it showed up in my blood and my doctor told me. Good luck to all!


Olivene - July 15

My first sign was being dizzy and light-headed, just not feeling normal. I thought I was coming down with something. I took a test about 5 days later. I was thinking "maybe..." and I was shocked when it was positive. Then I cried. I couldn't quite believe so I took another the next day! I'm almost 37 weeks!


Olivene - July 15

I forgot to say, I had no bleeding at all.



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