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Ashlyn - September 24

My period was 5 days late so I took a test. The first one was an EPT with a positive or negative sign. It came back with a really faint positive sign, so I wasn't sure if it was a fluke or if it was really positive. I bought another one that clearly said "not pregnant" but I took it late in the afternoon and the first one when I first woke up. I was still confused, so I bought another test, this one had a line if you're pregnant and stayed blank if you aren't and a really faint line showed up, so faint it was hardly visable. Are the tests just screwed up or am I pregant? I'm going to get a blood test done, but I can't get in until the middle of next week. Any advice is appreciated.


M - September 26

If the lines are faint you could just be in early pregnancy goodluck


Heather - September 27

Hi Ashlyn, I had the same problem. I switched from EPT to First Repsonse and there was no question that the First Response was positive. Good luck!!!


Sadey - September 28

Hi Ashlyn, WEll its very possible that u didn't get a postive as it was not only 1st wee of the day but the clear blue digital are for people who are at least a couple of days past their AF. Also with the FR i got a very very faint line a couple of weeks ago and didn't suspect anything. And when i did another it was a negative. I have been using alot of CB and they have been giving a blue line after the 10 minute mark so i have been told this = Evap line. I did 1 last nite and i thought i could see somethin within the 10 minutes but my mother couldn't. But where i thought i could see the line, literally after 20 minutes, the line i saw got darker and is visible to the eye! I'm too very confused at this stage but it look like u are. Good luck


rae - October 1

most planned parenthoods will take you in that day. even if you cant get in until the middle of the week, that might be okay. i also took the ept, two of them, and the result came back really fuzzy. there was only one line, but it was going the wrong way. i was almost 6 months along, so you would think it would have been super clear, but it wasnt. thats how it was with both tests... just get a test done by a clinic or doctor. they can tell you for sure... but when it comes to the ept, we called the hotline, and the lady said, if it comes back even a little bit, you are most likely pregnant.



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