Two Week Wait

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Tammy276 - April 30

Is anyone else in the two week waiting period right now? I ovulated on April 26th/27th (I have the clearblue easy fertility monitor, so I know exactly when I ovulate). I am going to drive myself crazy for the next two weeks wondering if I am preggers or not!! Next week I will start looking for signs (sore br___ts, tired, light get preggers again.


cdmrose - April 30

Hi Tammy, my husband and I are in the waiting period too. It's been a little over a week, and my period is due to start in 1 week. I've had unmanageable gas pains and bloating for the last week, so I'm sure hoping I'm pregnant! I've heard a lot of stories about how worrying can cause false pregnancies, or simply prevent conception. The waiting is a pain, but try not to stress about it. (Easier said than done!) =}


Tammy276 - May 2

Yeah, exactly....Easier said than done. I'm really trying not to stress about it. I actually started feeling bloated today......but who knows. Could have been something ate!! Keep me posted. Let me know if you are preggers or not!! Good luck to you :)


mjs264 - May 2

Hi Tammy. I'm sittin' here waiting for the 2wks to pa__s on too. Me and hubby decided to try again after a m/c in late Jan of this year. Actually, I didn't use any moniters to detect ovulation. I kinda went by physical signs. My calendar says I should've "o" on May 1, but I truly believe it was about the Apr 28 that I did. I had twinging cramps on both sides and also noticed my cm was just about the way it should've been. Anyways, I'm praying for all of us. I sure would like to get pregnant again and this time carry to full term. =)....Good Luck to you ladies!!


cdmrose - May 3

Still feeling yucky, and getting worse daily. How are you two doing? I have a question, maybe I'll have to post a new thread......But I stopped taking the pill (Demulen, 35mg) after my last period. My husband and I tried about "o" time the following Friday (4/21) . By Monday, 4/24, I was feeling the bloating. I know that's way too soon to feel pregnancy symptoms, so do you know if this is a common reaction to coming off of the pill? My next period is due to start Mon/Tues next week...


mgn - May 3

I am due tomorrow for my af and I feel really c___ppy. Tired, b___bs sore, hugry.........probably PMS........another success. This is really starting to get exhausting (trying every month)....oh well, baby dust to all of you!


Tammy276 - May 3

We are trying again too after a m/c in early Jan. I m/c after 7 I am hoping the next one goes full term. Its kinda of scary, because you never know. It's always in the back of your mind that it could happen again. Maybe bloating is one of the first signs of pregnancy!! (wishful thinking right) I don't think it is a sign of going off the pill..... I started feeling bloated like 5 - 6 days after o. It's been three days now of feeling bloated, so I don't think it is anything I ate!! Thats a good thing I think!! My AF is due to start next week Thurs/Fri.... So we'll have to keep each other up to date on sypmtoms/feeling c___ppy.. All that fun stuff!!


cdmrose - May 4

Well I will keep my fingers crossed for everyone. Hopefully the babydust works for us all this time!


Tammy276 - May 5

Still feeling bloated today, and light cramps. I feel like Af is coming early!! BB's are a little tender today, and I woke up and HELLO, like 6 zits on my face. Not good. I never break out like that. I had really bad hearburn today too. I can't wait until next week so I can take a test!! Babydust to all of you!!


cdmrose - May 5

I seem to be growing a small colony of zits on my chin lately, too. Woke up veeery nauseated, but no throwing up yet. Crampy on and off... Talked to someone at work yesterday that said she knew w/in a day or two that she was pregnant with her girl. I can keep hoping, can't I??? =)


Tammy276 - May 6

I keep hoping to. I want to take a test soo bad, but Af isn't due for another week, so I know it is too early. My last pregnancy, I didn't test positive until the day AF was due. Zits, I hate them!! I am still sooooo bloated, it is driving me crazy. And, I don't like to admit this, but I am a smoker, and yesterday and today, smoking made me nausious.....Not normal for me. I am hoping soo bad. The other day, when I had heartburn, and I was compaining about it, the first thing someone said to me when I was working was "maybe your pregnant??" Maybe!! I'll keep withing until I find out otherwise.


Sherylynn - May 7

Please, your results when the time comes. I think it helps everyone to see what happens. I am 4 days late, but 2 early hpts were negative. I'm 41. I want to be pregnant SOOOO bad that I am afraid I am causing myself to have a "false pregnancy". Anyone know more about this?


shesdymed - May 7

lol thats cute. well me man came in me on the 24th of april, im already gettin my sleepiness and im hungry ALOTTTT . i have my pregnancy test but im waiting till the 8th (which is tomorrow) to take the test.. idk im scare dto take it.. yet i dont want to take it too soon and it says negative and i really am preg.. :) well . if u wana talk s0oseduktiiv is my email


Tammy276 - May 7

Hi ladies. I got antsy today and took a test.........I really don't want to jinx myselft, but there was a slight, faint line on it :) It said "do not read test after 10 min", so I read it after like 5 or 8 min.....I am hoping that it is positive and that its not an evap line or something. I didn't use my first mornings urine, so I will test again in a few days when I wake up. Maybe on Thursday before I go to work. Sherylynn, you can't make yourself have a "false pregnancy".. Your either preggers or your not. It is possible that you ovulated later than you thought. Your lutal phase (the time from ovulation to AF) will always be the same, give or take a day or two. It is possible to be pregnant and not test positive until a week or so after AF was due. So even if you are four days late and tested neg., maybe you tested too early. Sometimes the egg doesn't implant until the time your actual period was due, which means maybe there isn't enough HCG to be detected yet. Wait three days and test again... You never know, anything is possible. Keep us posted. Are you having any symptoms? Cramping, bloating, nauseous, sore bb's? Hope everything works out for you!! Hope it works out for me too! I'll let you all know on Thursday how the second test comes out......babydust to me, and all of you!


cdmrose - May 8

Congratulations Tammy! I am sure you will still be prego on Thursday. I don't know how I'd be able to concentrate at work though, if I had my 2nd line that morning. I took one yesterday but still negative. My period is due Tuesday, so we'll see what happens! Good luck to the rest of you!


Tammy276 - May 10

I'm not sure if it was a "positive" line, or if it was an evap. line. It was a cheap brand that I had never taken before, so I really don't know. My bb's are startting to hurt, not really my whole bb's, but my nipples are getting tender. Usually this doesn't happen until the day before AF arrives, so I'm wishing it is b/c I am preggers......I don't know.....I was having dreams that I was pregnant, prob. because I really want to be, but last night, I had a dream that I got AF.......I woke up seriously thinking that it had come.....but it didn't. not for another 3 days anyways!! Did yours start yet? Have you tested yet? One of my good friends is preggers and I am so jeleous of her!! She is 12 weeks and went in today to hear the heartbeat for the first time..........Oh well, if it doesn't happen this month we'll just keep trying!!


cdmrose - May 10

All the symptoms, but still no AF. =) How are you ladies doing?



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