Two Week Wait Come And Join Me

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Tammy276 - June 8

Hi, just wondering if anyone else is in the two week wait. I ovulated two days ago, and now that two week wait it on!! I hate this time frame. Hubby and I are ttc, but we didn't get that much lovin in. We did the day before, and the day after ovulation, and I think like 3 days before ovulation, so it is hard to say if I have a chance or not!! I hope I do!! come and join my post if you are in the same boat!!


aish - June 8

i am also in 2ww....but now my cramps r here& sore b___bs so not high hopes


trinadan - June 8

dont give up hope because sore b___bs and cramps happen when you are pregnant to.. i am 6 weeks and i didn't think i was pregnant becuase i had cramps and sore b___bs and low and behold i was prgnant


Tammy276 - June 8

yep, when I was preggers the first time around, I could have swore Af was coming!!!! I felt like I was definately going to get it....Even after I found out I was preggo, I ran to the bathroom all the time cuz of cramps, I could have sworn it was going to start any minute!! So it is possible, you could still be preggers!!! Babydust to you, (and me)!!


aish - June 9

so tammy276 what r ur symptoms .....when is ur AF(not) due....mine will be wednesday


krisowens - June 9

yes on 2 ww also...I was could tell i was left side hurt for 2 we starting trying yesterday...i hope we have concieved also..but like you..not sure if we were in the right time frame...waiting games..hate them!!


Tammy276 - June 10

I know, waiting games, I agree!! The tww sucks!! I don't have any symptoms yet....I just Ovulated on Wednesday, so I am not due to get AF until like June 20th or something like that. I will start looking for symptoms next week sometime!! I am hoping I am preggers. I had a m/c in January, so it would be nice to have a health pregnancy. One of my friends is pressuring me because she is almost 5 months along, and she wants me to be pregnant with her. I keep telling her I'm trying!!!!!! But like I said, I don't know if we "did it" at the right time or not. I have the ClearBlue Easy Ovulation monitor, and it was supposed to show me High fertility before it showed me Peak, but it went straight from Low to Peak!! So I didn't have any warning that I was going to ovulate. Lucky for me I made a bet w/ my hubby a few days before that. I told him if I wasn't home by 10:00, he could have luvin every other day for two weeks....I wasn't home by 10:00 DARN!! So we'll have to keep posted on symptoms..... Aish, keep your hopes up. If your Af isn't due until next wed., and you are having cramps and sore b___bs already, that could be a good sign that you are preggers!!


aish - June 10

no tammy 276 ...i am no keeping high hopes as those symptoms i know of damm AF which i dont i feel like my lining of uterus is shrinking and w'll bleed i always used to be positive but now i am so damm frusturated with all this.


Tammy276 - June 10

I know you are frustrated!! But don't think negative!! When I was pregnant, I seriously thought Af was coming because that is exactly how it felt. Don't get discouraged right away. Just wait and see if it comes.


krisowens - June 12

hey tammy...any symptoms yet? I haven't had any yet...i am kinda tired today..but that doesn't mean much to me...I can hardly stand it...I want to test this weekend...does anyone think that's too early? Saturday will be 7 day before my af


Tammy276 - June 13

No symptoms yet.....I'm hoping this week some will start up though!! I think 7 days before Af is to arrive is too early to test. You are likely to get a false negative because chances are your body hasn't had enough time to produce the HCG needed to be detected in an hpt. I would wait until the day before Af is due to test. It you get really antsy, I would take it 3 days before. The last time I was preggers, I tested too early, and it was negative. I took a test 2 days later and it was positive. So that goes to show that if you test too early, its just a matter of a day or two until it will show up positive.


TTCbEbE2 - June 13

Waiting to ovulate.. Maybe I have, I am on CD 13.. and TTC #2.. a few days ago had cramping on the right side. and on the 7th I had some spotting ( i suspect ovulation early?) had s_x the 5,6, 10, and tonight sorry hope this isnt TMI!! Baby Dust to all thats Waiting!!!


krisowens - June 13

Ok..I have a question...I'm still on the 2 ww, last night my hubby and I did it again..and well I cramped a little after my my question is..does that mean i'm not preggers? Af shouldn't come til June 24, but today I feel like pms a little...what do yall think?


TTCbEbE2 - June 13

Kris, do you check your CM? if its slippery and wet, and stretches between your fingers, then that is fertilile CM and you should try to baby dance around this time when CM is present...


TTCbEbE2 - June 13

Has anyone experienced weird AF cycles around the cycles of the moon? j/w, because I found some interesting information at* check out your personalized dates and see if any coincide with ovulation symptoms... Baby Dust to All !!!! Can anybody tell me about flat temps when your're BBT? My temps have been 98.1 for 2 to 3 days and today its 98.0--Help! What does this mean???


krisowens - June 13

yes i did try that ...i know i ovulated between june 7 and the hubby and i did start trying then...its just that when we did it last night --after i had a org...i cramped for just a period cramp...but af isn't suppose to come til next saturday june yall think that maybe i'm not preggers and its a sign af is coming?


TTCbEbE2 - June 13

I dont know if this will help, but I too experience mid-cycle cramping that feels like AF is coming, but its usually a week or two before AF is due.. I also get headaches backaches too. This happened last month and this month i am experiencing it also. Last month AF reared her ugly head.. But when I was preg with my daughter in 02 I had the same symptoms.. I hate waiting! I am on CD 13 and b/c my temps are screwed up on my chart, I dont know if I ovulated yet!!



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