Ultrasound At 5wks

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SL - January 24

Went for my ultrasound today, she couldn't see anything through the abdominal ultrasound so she performed the va___al one and saw a "sac" with a dot in it. She couldn't confirm or deny if that in fact was the sac and baby because it's too early. She said it's 5 mm in length. She did not tell me if this is normal for 5 wks. So I'm asking someone here. Too soon to tell of course, I would have to go back in 2 wks. Anyone else had a ultrasound at 5 wks? What you've seen or whatever?


DownbutnotOUT - January 24

i had a u/s at 4 weeks and 5 days and there was nothing in there nadda, the tech said she saw nothing except for some fluid in my pelivs. 2 weeks later the sacs, wee one, and a strong heartbeat where detected! I am currently 20 weeeks and 3 days preggers. at least your u/s picked up a sac with something in it, congrads and take care


jessica72 - January 26

I had an u/s at 6 wks and the found a tiny fetal pole with a hb after fishing around for awhile. I think 5wks would be too early to see anything of substance, except perhaps a yolk sac.


SL - January 26

I was told that just the view of a round gestational sace at 5.5 wks is normal even if we can't see anything else. It's just a matter of time. Trying to keep my hopes up. As long as I still have symptoms...which I do...and they get stronger by the day..another good sign...woke up in the night with major "morning sickness" ...my real first big bought of it too. My b___sts are more tender then they were just two days ago...so I know my HCG levels are rising...hense the symptoms...trying to not to dwell on it too much...like its' easy eh? thanks for your imput.


momma3tobe - January 26

I had an ultrasound at 51/2 weeks and saw the baby and heard the heartbeat, but I a__sume that it would be just as easy to not see it that early on.


SL - January 26

couldn't see the york sac, just the sac, 5mm in diameter which in considered normal measurement at about 5 wks.



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