Uterus Growth

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Amanda - June 24

I am supposed to be 26 weeks along. My last period started December 18, 2003. The nurse pract_tioner just told me today that she thought I was only 20 or 21 weeks along because my uterus wasn't as high or big as it should be. This is my first so I don't know if that is usual or not. I am only 5ft. 3inch. and pet_te so is she wrong or could I not be as far long as I thought. My baby to me seems to match the weekly descriptions that I receive from BAbycenter. I found out I was pregnant around January 25, 2004.


sweetie - June 23

Have you had an ultra sound yet? An ultra sound can show the measurement of the baby better. You may have gotten your dates mixed up. Im pet_te also, my doctor told me that my baby was going to be born November 21 and the nurse who did the ultra sound said that the baby was going to be born December the 8th. I was so confused, I taked it over with my doctor and he said that you have a chance of given birth 2 weeks before due date or 2 weeks after due date. Well when November came around, I did not go into deliver, not until December 6th. My baby was a healthy 7pounds and 10 ounces. You should really see about getting an Ultra sound, and try to think on if yu miss caculated, cause with this second baby I thought I was 6 weeks along and the doctor said that Im 10 weeks along. Again the ultar sound is the best way to determine how far along, the measurements and well being of the baby. Good Luck!!!


amanda - June 23

Thank you. I have an ultrasound scheduled for July 6. I really hope that I am 26 weeks along because i am really excited to have "him" and so is my husband. According to the pregnancy calculator and ovulation calculations "He" was conceived around Dec. 31, 2003, but I think that any day is possible so I'm not sure. I am only 18 so I really don't know much about how that works.


sweetie - June 24

Im glad that you decided to have an ultra sound done, it should put you at ease on some of your concerns. Good Luck to the both of you.!



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