Virgen Woman Without Penetration Get Pregant

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jr. - September 10

can a virgen woman without penetration get pregant? i mastubated with my girlfirend and i c_mmed on her va___al area and she says that her days past and it didnt come can she be pregant?


amber - July 1

Yes she can be pregnant. Tell her to take a test.


Jessica - July 1

Yes there is a chance that it is possible, so have her take a test soon.


Jen - July 8

Yes, sperm have the amazing ability to "swim" against gravity, I would suggest a pregnacy test and a trip to her ob-gyn. You can transmit STDs through that kind of act as well, so unless you have both been tested recently and are monagimous, get tested!


chichi - July 29

i am a virgin but my ministrations hasnt came on in two months


tasha - August 27



April - August 27

Yes, of course she can be pregnant. If there is No protection keep your "man"... and their "men" away from that area!!!! How many days is she late?


aks - September 6

Is it possibe that a woman might get pregnant with half-penetration? I had a semi-penetration with my girl-fren but no ejaculation inside her. No c_mming however a lot of lubrication fluid (as usual). However, she did masturbate me earlier ie before I went half-way in her. What are the possibilities that it can lead to her pregnancy?


Jess - September 10

Yes, if she is it's a wonderful way to conceive then when you get married, you can really have a true wedding night. Best of luck!


jorry - September 22

will my gf get preggy eventhough i didnt penetrate my pennis through her v____a?... both of us have c_mmed... but no penetration happened... is it possible?...


lmnk - September 28



erica riche - April 22

yes ask her to take a test and confront her through this time.


? - April 22

Does anyone read the post dates on any of these?! Damn


kgabo - August 26

no i dont think a virgen woman without penetration can get pregnant,because the sperm of the boy should be transportet inside the v____a before they are transportet to the fallopian tubes of the woman where they will meet with the egg cell of the woman.


Amanda - August 29

Sperm dies when it hits the air so it is very unlikely that she is pregnant. Still have her take a test for a piece of mind. I mean...the sperm would have had to be far enough inside of her where air could not kill it. There is no way that is possible if there was not some form of penetration. 2 words s_xUAL EDUCATION


LETTY - September 28

I'm 45 trying to get pregnant what can I try.


To: Letty - September 28




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