What Are My Chances Of Being Pregnant After Gettin Off Depo

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NicoleW9207 - November 28

I was on the Depo shot for the last 2 years. My last shot was supposed to be on October 20th 2007, and i didnt take it.... This means the last shot i got was at the end of July 2007..... I've had unprotected s_x several times since then, and i was just wondering what the chances of getting pregnant were ?? I haven't had my period yet, and i've never been pregnant before...Im 21 years old....any advice would be greatly appreciated !!!! thanks so much !!! -Nicole


Crystal83 - November 30

It took me a bout a year after being on it for 9 months


lastchance - December 10

I was on Depo for around 5 years, and have been off it for around 2... I got pregnant withing the first year, and thin miscarried....


sezbi - December 22

don't you have someone called a DOCTOR to ask these questions to?


gabbysally - December 27

I was on the depo for 2 years and stopped about 14 months ago, was using condoms up until recently. I am now pregnant after not using protection like 5-7 times. so it was easy when we tried, but I don't know how hard it would have been if we had tried earlier. hope this helps. and sezbi, you're awfully rude


ms. optimistik - December 28

First of all...sezbi...we all have DOCTORs we can ask these questions too, some of us just like to hear it from others going thru the same thing...that was kinda rude for you to say....for u NicoleW9207...I was on Depo for over 8 years...I stopped taking the shot to plan a pg and the DOCTORS told me a year to get pg....I got pg 3 months later with out having a period in between and miscarried 5 days later...After the m/c I got pg 3 weeks later and I am now 13 weeks and 2 days...so doing good....if you want to get pg, I suggest taking a baby asprin once a day...my doc told me about it and it has helped ALOT...plus start taking you prenatals and extra folic acid daily...hope this helps!!!!


treshala - December 29

i was on depo for a year and it took me a year after to get pg


austynsmommy - February 2

I was on the depo shot for six months and I have been ttc now for almost nine months. I hate that shot. It is evil!!


NicoleW9207 - February 7

thank you sooo much, ms. optimistik, that info you gave me does help alot....as i've been reading, i notice that everyones story is different.....so far im still without child or a period, and i dunno what to do.....i've taken 2 HPT both came back negative, so i guess thats a no...... i figured since i havent had a period yet, that i prolly wouldnt get prego, but now im not so sure....but its been 7 months now with no shot and still no period so im totally confused as to whats going on with my body.... and for sezbi....get a life.... this is a message borad, for people like me to ask OTHER people like me questions.... if you have such a poor att_tude, then what are you doing in here anyways ?? do you even know what a depo shot is ???? LoL... anyways, im not going there, dont want ppl to think im as inmature as you are.... but thank you to those who have helped, and any other advice is truely welcomed and appriciated !!!! thank you !!!!



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