What To Expect 1 Month After Coming Off The Pill

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sands - October 29

I have been off the pill now for 1 month. I should have got my period today, but nothing yet.When do most people get their first "real" period after comming off the pill? We are also trying to conceive, and I am affraid that I am stressing too much too soon!


RM - October 30

I have been off the pill since the 1st of Aug. My period was 2 weeks late. I was told that my body was just getting used to being off the pill. You should be getting your period sometime soon.


Dawn - October 31

Mine never came and I had to take Provera to get it to come, which was when I was 2 months late. I wish I would've never been on the pill! Now I'm late again, only a few days, so I'm hoping either I'm pregnant or AF will come.


mt - November 1

I came off the pill in june of 2002, i didn't have a period until october and i had 2 periods that month then nothing again until febuary. I would say it took a full year to get straightened out, and that was only until I started taking a vitamin b complex everyday. oral contraceptives make us deficient in b vitamins


LL - November 2

i went off of the pill january 2003, did not get a period for 7 months, when i finally got period, the next month it wouldnt come, or i could go for 60 days with no period. I bought over 20 ovulation tests (my husband and i tried to concieve immediately after i got off the pill)--when i took the ovulation tests i was NEVER ovulating!! i started taking chinese herbs to become regular and 2 yrs later i am finally pregant and due april 3rd. If I were you I wouldnt wait as long as I did....I did go the doctor and told them i was having trouble getting pregnant and they told me to wait a year and then be concerned. I should had been more aggresive!! Hang in there but you probably do need something to make you regular whether it be vitamens, chinese herbs or a prescription from your doctor.


meryl - June 14

I've been off the pill 6 weeks had by period as soon as i came off the pill and havent had one since. had sore nipples and a thick clear stretchy discharge two weeks ago. When will i come on. Is it usual to be late


cdmrose - June 22

Meryl, I quit the pill almost 3 months ago and my first period was only 2 days late. The second one came one week early. Now I don't know when I'll get the next one....? Starting to get the PMS symptoms, so it's probably about due again... Anyway I think it throws your system into chaos because I thought I was pregnant (dizzy, nautious and the worst nonstop bloating ever)


jal239 - June 23

Sands: I just asked a similar question. I have been off the pill for a month now too and I have npt gotten my period yet. The last time I went off of it my period came as if I was still on it. But this time around, I don't know what to think. I don't feel any symptons of being pregnant. I asked if there were others who were pregnant but didn't knowthey were b/c they showed no symptoms. Good luck.


maybeababy - July 1

Weird... I accidentally got off the pill (by missing too many) this month. It was one week into the pack (like I said, an accident), which meant it could be around my fertile time and I was having s_x around those days. I started to bleed maybe 5 days later. **Has anyone else started bleeding really soon after coming off the pill? I am having b___st tenderness, too, for 2 weeks now.


squirrely4 - July 11

i have had that happen. It is because your body is not getting the normal amount of hormones... it has happened to me before. as far as your b___st pain i'm not sure. - my husband and my self want to have a family. But we want to pay off some bills and then start to try. I have been on the pill for over 3 years now. How long do you think it will take me to get normal "real" cycles after i stop the bills... I am asking so if its going to take like 6 months then i can plan. this way when we are ready we dont have to wait for my body to normal out.


maybeababy - July 11

The information I've seen about it says that most women are told to let their body have a couple months of normal cycles off the pill before trying to conceive, but that does not necessarily mean that it will take that long. When I've finished a pack of pills and then stayed off/not gotten a new pack, my period still came at the same time (that it would have on the pill; the week of sugar pills) so I thought that was a normal cycle... Sorry I don't know more! Now, since I stopped midpack, I don't know what's going on...so I don't recommend that! :D Good luck!


julesk - July 18

I stopped taking the pill 2 1/2 months ago after being on it for ten years. I haven't gotten a peroid yet, but i did have very sore b___sts, cramping and dizzyness for 2 weeks, but now nothing. My concern is knowing when i'm going to ovulate or when i'm going to get my period, and if i do get pregnant but think think i still have 'post pill ammenorhea', then how do i know when to take the pregnancy test? Stop drinking coffee? A gla__s a wine/beer with dinner? Start taking the right vitamins? I never really thought that it would be so worrysome!


woo - July 18

I have been off the pill for 5 months. My period has come every month(not exactly on time). This is my 6 month off and have had almost like a 1/2 day period. No pain. Just dark discharge. Have done pregnancy tests and are negative. Has anyone had this happend to them when coming off the pill?I am a little worried.Thanks


val_jo - August 20

I got pregnant the first month after being off the pill. I had symptoms like I was going to start, though. Bloating, cramping, fatigue....guess those are signs of being preggo too!!!!


emfine99 - September 1

It took me 3 months to get pregnant after coming off the pill. I was on it for 8 years. I think everyone is different. I've heard it taking up to a year for some and others get pregnant the month after getting off the pill.


kipani - September 6

I stopped taking the pill about two months ago and 28 days later my period started like clockwork, however, it's been 40 days since my last period now and I've already been through two pregnancy tests. Both negative. I a__sumed that since I had a "normal" period after comming off birth control that it would continure to be that way. I'm so confused. Has anyone experienced this? Any input would be helpful. Thanks.


sarah21 - September 7

My cycle was regular for 3 months after I came off the pill, then my next one was messed up, then I became pregnant the next one (on accident because my cycle was messed up and I didn't realize when I was ovulating). So just because your periods are irregular doesn't mean you will not become pregnant. I'm excited about being pregnant but it was a definite surprise.



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