What To Expect 1 Month After Coming Off The Pill

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anglestar - August 19

I came off the pill june 21st as i wanted to concieve, i didnt get my period so i did a test and at my supprise it was possitive. lucky or what :0) keep at it girls yr get there and you dont have to wait for a normal preoid to fall pregnant.


emmajayne - August 27

I've been off the pill 5 months now, periods returned to normal from 2nd month. TTC with no success as yet, ovulation is next week though so fingers crossed this month will be the one. Slightly stressed about not being pregnant yet although I know its still very soon. Good Luck everyone.


Elizabeth - September 1

Re: "It is a good idea to wait a couple months after you get off the pill for your body to normalize and have healthy tissue for an egg to implant in." (answer from above). This is *not* true. Please get your medical information from good medical sites like the Mayo Clinic. There is nothing unhealthy about the tissue in your uterus just because you were on the pill (that doesn't even make sense!), and studies show it's safe to get pregnant right after coming off the pill. The only reason doctors encourage you to wait a few cycles is because having regular periods makes it easier to predict your due date.


Tori87 - October 21

Hi All Im new to all of this, I am getting married in 2 weeks and we are going to try straight away for a bub. Although I went off the pill on the 16th (when I reached the white tablets) so I already had a period it went for longer as my body was in shock, We have been have s_x unprotected I am now 7 days late sore AS nipples and kind of lumpy whats wrong with me??? oh and the tests are all coming up Neg when will I get my period I never thought I would want it ha ha!


toni1983 - November 23

I came off my pill in the middle of a pack and came on almost immediately on 7th November. I then had s_x on the 22nd November...could I be pregnant?


PixieChick - December 21

I'm new to this site and also need some advice! I came off Microgynon in October, I had a normal period 4 weeks later, I then am pretty sure I ovulated two weeks after that but my period did not come and I am now over a week late. I took a test and it was negative, I a__sumed by getting my period 4 weeks after stopping the pill everything had returned to normal. I am now trying to conceive and with me not getting my period I don't know if I will ovulate when I thought I would originally. Does anyone have any advice as this is stressing me out!!!!


hotmomma07 - January 1

i was on the pill for a year and a half. the last time i took my pills was nov 7 to finish my pack. i got my period nov 8 and now i am going on 8 weeks preg on saturday. we were ttc and i thought it would take a few months for the pill to get out of my system. nope took 2 weeks and got preg.


becky z-dub - January 4

a little stressed. been on birth control for 8 years. took my last pill of birth control on oct 18th - had my period on oct 21st. it's now jan 4th and i still have not gotten a period! has this happened to anyone else? should i call my doctor?


shim786 - January 8

Hi I am new to this but I was also on the pill for 4 years and then stopped taking them in October. I had my withdrawal bleed a few days after finishing last packet and then my system went all over the place I felt bloated all the time, hungry, sore b___bs basically I thought I was pregnant I took tests and all negative! 7 weeks later I had my normal bleed, which was on 27th Nov i am still waiting for my period or to be pregnant! I have tested again and still negative 2 weeks over due! its frustrating but this is what the pill does! I went to the doctor who advised that this is common in many women and it can take a few cycles to regulate itself! (I want to be pregnant but dont know why I keep testing negative maybe I have not ovulated or ovulated late!) ↑


Nikki17 - January 31

I came off the microgynon on 15th November after 8 months of using it, 4 weeks later i experienced a light period for about 5 days then spotting for a week and a half, then 2 weeks after i started to get a dark brown discharge for a few days and then on 31st December - 9th January i had a very heavy longer than usual period...is this normal?


nancylovesjimmy - February 3

I got off the pill at the end of the my last birth control pack. I got my normal "birth control discharge period" as planned. Now 28 days later after being off the pill I got my "real period". Does this mean that I can/will be ovulating possibly 14 days after the start of my period...or is the birth control still in my system and this is just a "discharge period"? My fiance and I are trying to get my cycles regular so we can pinpoint ovulation so we can get pregnant right after our June wedding.


mla - February 19

My last period was 33 days ago (last pill period) and I did a test about 5 days ago and it was negative but I feel that I am pregnant. I was on the for 8year but before that I was on the pill for 4 years then I had my little boy straight away. I am a bit confused should I do any test???


Kimshea - June 1

I have been on Yaz for 2 years. I stopped taking the pill at the beginning of May; I finished the pack I was on and got my "pill period." We then started trying to concieve then I started having major bloating, b___st tenderness, constipation, headaches, etc. I thought it might be signs of pregnancy but after about a 1-1/2 weeks of that I got my period and it came in full force. I hope that was a regular period so my body will start getting back to normal. I have been trying to track my ovulation but I don't think I have ovulated yet. I hope it doesn't take too much longer. I am keeping track of my basal body temp this month watching for changes in mucus, but nothing so far. I still have a couple of weeks left until my next period so we'll see what happens.


Floricica - June 17

I got pregnant 4 months after being off the pill. And I didn't try to get pregnant b4 the 4 months. I think it all depends on how regular your period is. Sometimes your period can be off a little after the pill, but it will become normal again. Your able to get pregnant once you stop taking it.


monkey chick - October 20

I haven't had a period since coming off the pill 3 months ago. Anyone else experienced this?


maccione82 - January 16

I am 27 years old and went off the pill this past Christmas. i got my period 2 weeks early and it was really really light except for the first two days of the 7 day period (the first two days were not heavy or light). For the past 3 weeks i have been having pregnancy symptoms (fatigue, runny nose, nausia, cravings, headaches/migraines, thirsty, going to the bathroom all the time, etc. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. So I don't know if these are sympotoms also of coming off the pill or if I am pregnant and the test was wrong, or if this is something else. Anyone?



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