What To Expect 1 Month After Coming Off The Pill

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maccione82 - January 16

I am 27 years old and went off the pill this past Christmas. i got my period 2 weeks early and it was really really light except for the first two days of the 7 day period (the first two days were not heavy or light). For the past 3 weeks i have been having pregnancy symptoms (fatigue, runny nose, nausia, cravings, headaches/migraines, thirsty, going to the bathroom all the time, etc. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. So I don't know if these are sympotoms also of coming off the pill or if I am pregnant and the test was wrong, or if this is something else. Anyone?


Pearce01 - February 15

I have been off the pill since September 2009, I had my pill period as normal then didn't get a period until 30th November, which was very dark and only lasted 4 day's just like my pill period would last. Then nothing again until 11th January which was like proper period and lasted 7 day's exactly, I try to work out when I may ovulate and got the clear stretchy like mucus for a few day's on 29th 30th and 31st of January, I wasn't sure if I had ovulated or not but started getting strange symptoms, light headed, tierd, runny nose, feeling cecky. I took a hpt Friday which was negative then Saturday I got very light spotting that lasted a day and now nothing. I am due to go back to the doctors in March to get help to regulate my periods but it is so frustrating not knowing where I am with my peroids or if I could be pregnant. Has any one else had this and did your periods come back to normal? It's almost 6 months for me now. Best wishes everyone.


Monique901 - April 27

I came off of the pill back in December of 09 and that following month in january had a period at the very end of the month and have not had a period every since. I guess it just takes your body soemtime to get back on track without the pill. That Feb. I had unprotected s_x and started getting pregnancy symptoms. I turned out not to be pregnant but as of today i sitll don't have my period yet, i have almost missed 3 periods.


osg - August 14

My 1st period after going off the pill was 1 week late. I took a hpt 1 week after my 2nd period was due and it was positive. Am 7 weeks now : ) Try not to stress, it won't help your period come on time if it's coming and it won't help your pregnancy if it's not : )


rbells14 - August 17

I went off BC in late May. I haven't had a period since. I have a history of ovarian cancer and am going to go to the Dr. tomorrow just to get checked. I have had acne, bloating, back pain, sore teeth, headaches and weight gain since going off. I am afraid the Dr. is just going to recommend going back on since I went off to A. Save money and B. To not be on it anymore in general. I've never wanted a period so badly.


PR190905 - August 18

I came off the pill in the middle of June and my first period came after 37 days. The last couple of weeks I've had quite bad diarrhea, lower back pain, trapped wind, bloating and a slight feeling of nausea. If my next period follows on the pattern from last time, it's not due until the end of August, but I took a pregnancy test yesterday anyway. It was negative, which wasn't surprising I guess, but the symptoms I've been experiencing have been really wierd. Any thoughts anyone?!


MickeyMouse - September 10

I finished taking my last pack of pills on May, 26th and had my regualr period following this. I then didn't get my next period till July 13th. I just found out last week I am 3-4 weeks pregnant. Luckily, I had discussed TTC with my OBGYN and she started me on Folic Acid right away. I am going gfor my first prenatal visit and ultrasound next week....Hoping everything is ok.


Monique901 - September 12

I went on bc on july 4th and I had my period on july 24th. Then I stopped the bc on august 6th and the very next night august 7th I had a four day period. Then september 5th I started my period which lasted 6 days so it went off september 11th. So I guess I'm back on track with my periods... This time it didn't take my cycle anytime to get back on track.


pn2rn08 - September 16

I hope this is my scenerio. Ended my last BC pack; got my period (couple weeks late) how I didn't miss the back pain/cramps, had some dark discharge in between then & now but NO regular period since the first one & I'm almost 2 wks lat this month so taking a pregnancy test tomorrow to see if I'm prego or just having a wacky cycle before it returns to normal :)


serena12253 - October 27

I guess I got lucky. I came off bc September 6 2010, I got my period 28 days my doctor said she has not seen that happen. I have been taking bc since june of 2007 and to have it happen right after I got off was wow.Know me and my husband are working on our first kid and we hope it happens soon. I guess with every one it is different.


lindsjane - November 4

Hi everyone, just to share my story. I came off the pill on tues 5th october. Today is November the 4th and I have just found out that I am 1-2 weeks pregnant. I was on the pill 10 years. I conceived on 24th october so haven't even had one period since coming off the pill so it can happen! I had sore b___sts for 4 days and they felt hard. I got twinges in my lower abdomen and very bloated!


tortie_7 - December 20

I was on the pill for 3 years. I stopped taking it a month ago and got my period after 3 weeks of stopping it :)


farmhousefan - December 21

I went off the pill. My last period (which started on the sugar pills from the last pack of pills) was 11/17. On 12/17 I took a pregnancy test (three, actually!) and found I am pregnant (at 38). Yikes! So to anyone out there wondering, yep... you can get pregnant right after going off the pill!


iloveyouxx - January 13

Hi everyone, I would really like some help / advice... I came off the pill about 2 months ago, i have had 2 normal ish periods... My last peiod was around the 4th - 6th December so I am now a week / week and a bit late... I started having unprotected s_x straight after I came off my last period, roughly about 3 / 4 times a week and I made sure I did when I was ovulating... I have since done 3 pregnancy tests, one done tonight and they have all been negative, so now i'm stressing out about it because i am really trying to have a baby and i thought my period cycles were back to normal... I have stomach cramps like I'm going to come on, and have had these pains for a week but no blood and no sign of any brown discharge... i am getting frequent headaches, i am hungry alot more and i seem to be peeing alot... please help as i have looked on many websites and found nothing and i am going out of my mind now... please help. as soon as possible. thanks... all advice welcome x


LIANNE123 - January 17

iv been in a long term relationship wiv my boyfriend now and iv just come off the pill nearly 3 months ago both nov and dec periods were fine and on time but jan still hasent turnt up. i was ment to start last thursday 14th and its not mon 17th. iv taken 3 tests and all neg. ever since iv been off the pill weve have been using no protection! and i really wana be pregnant! please heeellppp!! xx


MssCee - January 26

When I was on the pill, I had a 6 week delay before my period finally returned after stopping it. I had two cycles before I got pregnant with my son, however my pregnancy wasn't planned.



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