When Can You Hear The Heartbeat

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Heather - January 4

At night time when i am ready to go to bed i feel my heartbeat in my stomach and last night i had by bf put his head down at my stomach and he said that he heard a heartbeat, i am ttc and think that there is a strong possability that i am but i am just wondering if anybody has EVER experienced that before being pregnant or not....I need to know b/c it is so weird b/c i have never been pregnant b4 and am wondering if this has anything to do with it.


AD - January 5

I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to detect a heartbeat to only your naked ear....Sometimes even with a sonogram or ultrasound, its even hard to detect a heartbeat of a baby until a person is 8 weeks or more...some have heard it before 8 weeks I'm sure, but not by the ear alone....through a sonogram or ultrasound....I'm 12 weeks and haven't heard a heartbeat except through sonogram/u/s


NURSEJ - June 28

if your earlier than 10weeks along i don't think there is a heartbeat. i hear my babies 1st heartbeat at 10 weeks preg, and i saw it on u/s at 6 weeks preg.


Tammy276 - June 29

I think you are feeling and he is hearing your heartbeat. It is impossible to hear a babys heartbeat w/ the naked ear, especially that early. Even when you would be 9 months pregnant, you would need to use some sort of device to hear the heartbeat.


venus_in_scorpio - June 29

i heard mine wih a doppler at the doctor when i was 9 weeks...


Gena - July 1

The embryonic heartbeat starts at 5 weeks and I know some people who have heard it as early as 7 weeks. And you can hear it with a stethoscope at about 26 weeks. Although it would be great if we could hear it way before then, it would make things seem more bearable!


JenR - July 4

We heard it with a doppler at 7 weeks 5 days


Kira_lynn - July 6

Im 16weeks and i first heard the heartbeat at 8weeks thru an u/s. Now i have a doppler and listen all the time. You can't hear it with a doppler until 10-12weeks and not until 28weeks with a stethescope. So nope, you didnt hear it...unless he's superman!!!


zaysmom - July 8

I heard it on ultrasound at 8 wk 6 d and at my doctors around 12 weeks.


sleeplessinseattle - July 19

I went in at 7 weeks 3 days and heard a heartbeat just fine. Even saw it on u/s. I have an excellent and highly experienced u/s tech though. Don't think you can hear it with the naked ear though.


hana - July 22

my cousin who is now 25wks says some nights when shes lyin flat on her back and close her eyes she would actually feel tiny heatbeat from her stomach near the bellyb___ton area. she cant hear it unless its an u/s but she felt a heartbeat. i guess only she would know i havent heard anything like this before.


mommyagain2 - May 12

i just came form the doctor and i am 9 weeks pregnant and we heard a loud healthy heartbeat isnt that to earlier!


Teddyfinch - May 13

i heard our baby's heartbeat at 8w, so nope.



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