When Did You All Get First Stretch Marks

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shaz - February 12

just wondering how long it was before stretch marks appeared.


mari - February 13

when i started gaining weight like around almost 4 months. but i was extremely thin, and i got really thick during my pregnancy so unfortunitly i got stretch marks everywhere from my thighs to my calves, arms, b___bs, everywhere except my stomach! but o well what can u do, i did use creams and that didnt help, i didnt scratch, well i did scratch my stomach and i have no stretch marks there. I think regardless of what u do ull get them.


CM - February 15

I am currently almost 8 months and have no stretch marks. What a lot of it has to do with is inherited..if you r mom had them chances are you will too. Of course you have to eat healthy too!! I've gained my weight very gradually which also helps, your skin has time to slowly stretch. Also drink lots of water which keeps your skin hydrated and less likely to show more marks. The lotion isnt a guarantee.(cocoa b___ter) but it definately wont hurt. The more moist your skin is the less likely the strecth marks.!! Good Luck!!!


eve - February 16

i didnt get any strech marks until 1 week before delivery, i was so mad, but it comes with the territory.


sol - February 17

at the end of my 9th month


Ema - February 21

3rd child and no stretch marks


me - February 23



kiki - February 23

iam 4 months and i still dont get stretch marks and hope dont get them.


desiree - March 2

ahh, I just noticed my first 2 stretch marks this morning. They are on my lower tummy. I am 38 weeks along. I was hoping they would avoid me. Nuts!!


Julie - March 3

The day I delivered I didn't have any until it was all over with.


Jenn - March 10

I am only 9 weeks and I already have a few on my lower abdomen! I'm not even really showing and they seemed to show up over night I swear! <sigh> I'm scared how my skin will stretch the further I get along...


B - June 29

7th month, i got my first stretch mark, I was so upset. That is my only one so far but it is right in front and its pretty long.



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