When Did You Feel Your Uterus

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JMP - March 12

I'm currently 11 weeks and 3 days, and I've been reading the baby books and I think they say that when you lay down you should be able to feel your uterus..but I don't think I do! I think I just feel pulling and pressure..anyone else? I'm kind of nervous!


kimberly - March 19

I think with first pregnancies it can take a little longer to be able to feel your uterus, unless you know just what to feel for.


ACC3877 - March 23

Hello Everyone! I'm about 5-6 weeks preggers! I went first to the doc when i was about 4 weeks and they insisted on doing a v____al ultrasound and didn't see anything but my hcg levels were high! They had me come in the following week and did another v____al ultrasound and they saw the sac, like a little bean, but nothing inside, just a little greyish. The doctor said she was concerned and had me do more blood work. My blood work came out perfect and my hcg levels doubled and my progesteron slightly went up. However, she says that she's gonna have me go back in a week and if she doesn't see anything inside the sac, she's going to consider me getting the sac terminated, i think they call it dc. This is my first baby. Some woman i hear don't even get their first ultrasound until 7 weeks. Should i worry?


kimberly - March 26

Definately don't terminate yet. At 5 to 6 weeks it is hard to see everything, and with your levels going up, I wanted jump the gun yet. Its a good sign your levels are rising, definatel wait a week or two and have another scan.


kimberly - March 26

Gosh, typing too fast, That should say I wouldn't jump the gun yet.


ACC3877 - March 26

Well...bad news all! I went to the doc to do another ultrasound. I am or was suppose to be 7 weeks as of today. Even though my hcg's doubled in 1 week, the doctors have officially told me it was not a successful pregnancy. The sac is there, visible, but there is no baby in the sac. They want to schedule me for a D&C tomorrow but i just don't feel ready yet. I want to take a few days to take this all in. Any advise? Anyhow, i wish you all the best with your pregnancy's.


missarose22 - April 20

ACC3877, did you ever terminate your pregnancy? I have heard of woman who don't have anything in their sack until about 8-9 weeks. It sounds to me that your doctor was shooting the gun on trying to terminate your pregnancy. Are you young by chance? I hope everything worked out for you.


DiGiacomo - April 22

JMP I just pa__sed 12weeks and my doctor was able to feel my uterus at my last visit (11w5d), but I can't feel it either and I have no idea what it should feel like. You're not alone! But I was excited that he felt it!



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