When Do You Tell Your Family

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Lindsay - August 10

Same as the t_tle. How far along should you be before you tell your family? I've heard that you should wait 3 months in case of complications or a miscarriage.


Valerie - August 11

I'm going to wait until I at least get my first ultrasound which isn't til the first week in Sept. I will be 8 wks 3 days by then...if all is well I may tell parents, then everybody else I will probably just find out. I may tell close friends then also, and my boss of course. But after 12 weeks your chance of miscarraige goes way down so a lot of people wait til then. I may, but I have a feeling my boyfriend won't let me if all is well at the ultrasound, because he is bursting to tell the news NOW and I am only 4 wks 5 days.


joy - August 11

I've waited 14 weeks and counting, so when your ready.


Jenn - August 15

I was/am so sick its been impossible to hide it. I told them at 5 weeks, when i found out, but most people wait longer, and 3 months is really the "safe" point.


Julie - August 15

It depends on your relationship with your family - there really isn't a right or a wrong time to break the news. I am really close with my sister so I told her as soon as I found out. I am not close with others in my family so I didn't tell them right away. As far as bosses, they should be in the loop so they know why you have to go in later because of morning sickness or if something happens, they know what's going on and can head off other things in the work place if you are out. But with family, that is a personal thing...


beth - August 16

i think it depends. I am pretty close with my family, and in april I found out I was pregnant, I told everyone right away then a week later i had miscarried. I was glad i had told my family because i needed the support system after that. I think they cried about as much as I did. As for work people I waited a little bit longer.


LRK - August 19

I told my immediate family after I verified the home pregnancy test with a doctor's visit, so around week 5 or 6. I did not tell work until I got through a couple of months, since I figured that my constant snacking and ill temper would give me away. I decided to tell my family early because we share a bunch and if anything were to have happened to the pregnancy, they would be there with so much of the support I would need. So far so good though (I'm 17 weeks now). Good luck!



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