When Is It O K To Get Your Nails Done

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Samantha Age 12 - April 22

Hi, I was online and researching if acrylic nails were safe, i came upon this article and read it. I really want to get acrylics but My mom said that the substances in it can lead to cancer if you get acrylics to many times, just to let you know. Or you can have a liver problems.


Lisa - April 26

I am 4 1/2 weeks pregnant and am in a wedding in May. I am supposed to be going to get acrylic nails put on but am not sure if it is safe. Will the chemicals harm my baby?


Becky - April 28

I have just got my nails done at 1 month into my pregnancy. My doctor said it would be fine. I told the lady doing it i was pregnant too. She gave me a face mask to wear to make sure my lungs were protected from any dusts and vapours just in case, but she a__sured me it was fine and the substances weren't harmful. With my mask on i could barely smell or notice a thing. I would say it is definately safe, but i think you would still be wise to wear a mask over your face while in the salon.


flo - May 18

i do not think that there is a problem with having your nails done as long as you go to a professional.keep up the good work of taking care of your self and your baby good luck


melissa - May 18

I have a pregnancy book that say it is fine to get your nails done the whole time but in a well ventilated place.I get mine done all the time.I am 5 months along


Sarah - May 19

I'd say you must wear a mask in the salon and you will be fine. My technician is very safety concious. She always wears her mask and even puts goggles on when using the nail drill. I am always offered a mask which I usally choose to wear. It certainly keeps the dust and smells away so you should be fine too if you wear one.


tinabean - June 9

are the fumes harmful?


absynthe - July 2

getting your nails done is safe.. I had them done every 2 weeks my entire pregnancy with my son my doctor even told me I had nothing to worry about.


joan - August 10

Can you remove acrylic nails with acetone when pregnant?


grace - August 23

i think it depends on individual's preference.Im a nail technician myself and i do have customers having their acrylic nails during the whole of their pregnancy. But when i got pregnant, i began to worry abt the smell im breathing in directly while im applying nail polishes and finally, i left my job. I just didnt wanna take the risk although i've been told it's alright and healthy babies of nail technicians r borned. My doc told me to ask the suppliers of nail products to ensure the product's safety but when i called, they just told me there werent any complains so far, so it shouldnt pose a problem. Well, i wasnt convinced with their answers at all...so i decided to leave.


rickie - September 24

i asked my doc and she said it is safe but not to heavly siff the fumes


K - September 25

My dr said it's fine to get your nails & feet done.


Jessica - September 28

You have to be careful when you get your nails done. I am a nail tech and I have been doing nails for a year now. I do not use a mask. I didn't even wear one when I was in school. In school we learned about MMA and other harmful things that some solans are using. Some of the places that use masks use these products and thats why they wear them( not just for dust). And that product is harmful to you it might not show but please please be careful. If in dought go to a nail school and ask questions dont be afraid. Another thing be aware of the products being used. Find out the product names and ask to be educated about the product whale you are getting your nails done. It never herts to know. O and if they are waring masks dont be afraid to ask for one for yourself there is nothing wrong with it.


Suzie - October 1

I am currently training to be a nail tech in school. From what I have learnt, I would personally be concerned about being exposed to certain chemical products we use in acrylic nails if I was pregnant. At the school I go to we all have to wear dust masks while sanding and filing nails, and rubber gloves and masks while handling certain chemicals in order to limit our exposure. (The dust masks don't give us much protection from the fumes though). It surprises me that more schools and salons don't require protective masks to be worn. There seems to be a lot of emphasis on health and safety with substances used in salons and although many people suggest that having your nails done is ok when pregnant, i don't think i'd risk it personally.


layla - October 4

sorry to be thick but when people saying breathing certain things in can be harmful to the baby how exactly do you mean? What is likely to happen if you breath in certain chemicals. I just dont understand what all the fuss is about.


to layla - October 5

You know what im glad you asked that question coz i was thinking the same thing. So the baby breathes in some stuff? i dont quite get how or why this is such a huge issue, ppl breathe in c___p all the time.



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