When Will I Show

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anon - January 9

im 17+5 weeks pregnant and i still dont look pregnant sometimes i dont even feel pregnant. when will i start to enjoy showing that im pregnant.


Kate - January 16

I am 22 weeks and up up until about the 19th week, I was still wearing my size 4 jeans. I am now all of a sudden showing and can't fit into my jeans. Everyone is different. You will start showing soon. You will love showing off your belly. I know I do. Good luck!!


deb - January 17

I know how you feel. This is my 3rd and I am 17 weeks and I have to remind myself I am pregnant. I guess we should enjoy it while it last pretty soon we will be waddling around.


Mary - April 7

This is my first and I am 15 weeks. I don't feel pregnant at all, sometimes I wonder am I or did the doctor make a mistake? I am not showing much, my belly is still small.


kare - April 26

i am 13 weeks, yet i was underweight before falling pregnant.. have a small belly popping out and the doctor says this is because i was underweight to begin with..


erika - May 2

im 21 weeks and still not showing


Melissa - May 2

I'm 8 weeks now and my stomach is tighter and my waist is bigger. I was trying on a pair of my Old Navy jeans the other day they still fit, but there's a bulge around my waist. So now I have to wear sweat pants.


sena - May 16

i am 18 weeks i dont look or feel pregnant im not sure if these bubble like things are the baby because i have gas at the same time but i pray everyday everything will be ok


kare - May 16

at 16 weeks now, i had some b___terfly/bubble feelings over the weekend although each book i read says that although you might feel the baby at this stage, its hard to recognise it unless you've been pregnant before.. was this our baby? have our first hospital appointment tomorrow morning, i dont know if i should be scared or excited.. kare


mom2b - May 17

tihs is my first and i m already showing in the starting of third month, i think its b/c i was slim earlier


Chrissy - May 25

I am 17 weeks pregnant and don't look or feel pregnant.


Kristy - May 27

With my first pregnancy I didn't really "show" until my 32nd week, which my OB said was due to my active lifestyle. However, this is my second pregnancy and at 9 weeks I have a little bulge....so it's all different.


heather - June 6

i'm 18 weeks and not showing one bit but i can feel the baby moving alot. I have no pregnanycy problems apart from going to the loo all the time. My friends 9 weeks and shes bigger then me. But i checked with the middwife and she said theres nothing to worry about. she said its a blessing.


kare - June 6

19 weeks now. had our ultrasound yesterday - saw our beautiful little girl kicking and punching like crazy, before she settled down and started sucking her fingers. so beautiful.


jane - July 15

ime nearly 19 weeks pregnant and my 3rd pregnancy ime showing a little but i just dont feel pregnant at all with my last 2 girls i had all symptons sick sore b___bs i have nothing with this one


jd - July 15

ime 19 weeks this be my third bub andi cant feel it moving is there something wrong i shpould feel it shouldent i with it being 3rd baby sum one plz answer


Rayanne - July 26

This is my second baby. I did not show until about 5 or 6 months with my first. I am about 8 weeks pregnant now and i look like I am 2 months or more. I this normal?



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