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Dawn420 - November 13

Does a hospital have the right to take your baby away from you if its born with marijuana in its system?


Babycrazy - November 13

I don't think so....I have never heard of this and I know a lot of people that smoked when pregnant. They all have their children. I would not know personally but I have never heard of it. I was watching that emergency delivery show the other day and a woman was on crack while giving birth and just gave her her baby.


ShoppingForTwo - November 13

I don't know if they test for that drug or not but sadly enough my sister's husband's sister (my SIL?) got her daughter taken away when she was born with crack in her system. She has all of her kids back now. I'm sure glad we aren't really related. LMAO!


mjvdec01 - November 14

The hospital has a legal obligation to report any cases of abuse, finding drugs in a babys system qualifys.


jennifer_33106 - November 14

I would hope so! Take the baby til the mama can get clean. JMO.


tish212 - December 4

different hospitals have different policies...here they test the meconium which shows any drug u took during pregnancy not just what u took the day before...and do a blood screening on all babies...and if ur baby is found with drugs, alcohol, or prescription pain killers u weren't perscribed in their system they will take ur baby and place it in foster care...then it can be a month or more before u can even see ur baby....why would u risk that? and why risk the health of ur baby to me that is way selfish and if u can't quit smoking for ur babies sake u don't deserve to be a mom anyways b/c being a parent isn't me me me its all about the baby and obviously if ur still getting smoked up ur still me me me... I hope for ur childs sake ur hospital does test and removes ur child...people like u make me sick...too selfish to think of anyone else first. maybe u should look up what marijuana use during pregnancy can do to your child... it may not kill u, but my hubbys ex wife gave birth to a baby that she smoked up with everyday she was pregnant...her baby is paralyzed on one side and grossly deformed... and the drs say its b/c of her smoking up.... ur selfishness disgusts me....


stillmourning - December 5

I have never heard anything about hospitals taking away the baby - though they do have an obligation to report substance abuse, and as a consequence the state may take away the baby. Tish, while I agree with your basic viewpoint, the personal attack on Dawn was unnecessary - she only asked a question, and in no way indicated that she smokes or even is pregnant/has a child. she might merely be asking out of curiosity or concern for a friend/family member.


tish212 - December 5

stillmourning....I am not starting an argument with u but I am a licensed foster and adoptive parent for the statei live in and they do test every baby where I live...and they remove every baby that has a positive screening...I have had my fair share of newborns in my house who were removed...and watching and dealing with their withdrawl would make u think differently....watching a 3 day old baby convulse and go through seizures will break your heart and to know that if the mother hadn't been so selfish the baby would be fine makes you view the situation as I do...maybe she was asking for a friend but I doubt it... a guilty conscience needs no accuser for it will tell on itsself....and that's what I see here....sorry to seem so blunt but I won't change my opinion after all the babies I've taken care of due to selfish mothers...


xvkx - December 5

No one is asking you to change your opinion, they're simply asking that you curb the personal attacks. You can state your opinion without directing it personally in such statements as "I hope for ur childs sake ur hospital does test and removes ur child...people like u make me sick...too selfish to think of anyone else first." Besides, marijuana is a grey area right now... there hasn't been enough research done on it to conclude its effects on the human body, much less its effect on the human body during pregnancy. The research that has been done has not indicated anything like paralysis or deformation being possible effects, and it is also unknown if varying amounts have different effects (at least with alcohol we know that a little doesn't hurt but a lot does). So yah, best advice is to stay away from it period as it is in the unknowns. On the flip side, I have heard of women that had severe cases of nausea during their pregnancies in which nothing homeopathic or medical would work that were in danger of losing their babies from the weight loss that ended up using marijuana so they could eat without throwing up... and then turned out perfectly healthy babies. So, like many things during pregnancy, it's a matter of weighing risks. There are no completely safe pregnancies... we live in too much of a polluted and additive and chemical addicted world for such a thing to be possible. And if anyone here says I'm advocating marijuana use let me repeat: the effects of it are not fully known, and due to that it is best to stay away from it all together. I'm not stupid though and I realize there may be cases in which the benefits outweigh the risks, which is why I look forward to more research being done on it so maybe even if there are nasty effects we can come up with drugs based on what we learn from the plant that don't have any nasty effects.


Babycrazy - December 6

How about taking children away when the mother smokes cigarets?! There is soooo much more of that going on and no actions are taken? It is proven to lower birth weight and cause pre term labor. They also kill more people each year then murder, suicide and car accidents......COMBINED.


hope-31 - December 7

i am a cigarette smoker and trying to quit and ttc.do not condem me! i will quit on jan.1st and did quit when i was pregnant before even though i m/c. i dont think that you can compare cigarette smoke to other drugs like marijuana.the worst side effect your baby may have is a low birth weight(im not saying thats okay). even though it can kill the adult you cannot pa__s the cancer etc. to the unborn child. alcohol is horrible(along with illegal drugs).i would rather see a woman smoke a cigarette rather than drink haevily or do drugs.


JustStartingOut - December 7

Its not the hospital that "takes your baby" the government does. As long as you are not using prescription drugs, heroine, crack, coke, meth, LSD etc.- which they define as doing harm to a child. you shouldn't smoke its not healthy.



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