Getting Pregnant

Have a question about getting pregnant? Concerned about your chances of getting pregnant? Pregnancy-Info has everything you need to know about improving your chances of conceiving.  Learn more about the best times for trying to conceive, how to know when you are ovulating and what to do to prepare your body for pregnancy before you even start trying for a baby.  Also find out more about the many signs and symptoms of pregnancy so that you will know how to recognize that you might be carrying a baby.

Preparing For Pregnancy

If you and your partner have been experiencing difficulty getting pregnant, our trying to get pregnant section provides tips on improving your chances of conception, including information on fertility supplements, how your diet can be affecting fertility, as well as recommended products that can help you conceive.

Of course, there are many tools you can use to improve your chances of conceiving. We have information on how to calculate ovulation as well as how to figure out your basal body temperature (BBT), both of which can help you determine when you’re most fertile.  Also learn more about cervical mucus and what it can tell you about ovulation and read up on ovulation test kits that you can use at home.

Pregnancy preparation is also essential to improving your chances of getting pregnant. Ensuring that you and your partner are prepared physically and financially for the challenges of pregnancy and parenthood are essential.  Learn more about the importance of taking folic acid and prenatal vitamins even before you become pregnant.

Signs Of Pregnancy

Think you may be pregnant? Check out our Am I pregnant? section and learn about common pregnancy symptoms like tender breasts, a missed period, morning sickness, tiredness, and food cravings. Here, you can also calculate your due date and check out fun old wives tales to try to determine your baby’s sex.  Find out different tricks women do to try and determine if they are carrying a boy or a girl.  

Of course, proper preconception care is essential to both you and your baby’s health. Learn about how to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy and what factors to avoid.  Find out about what food and drinks are no, nos during pregnancy and learn more about what foods are essential for staying healthy during pregnancy.

Finally, adoption can be an exciting and incredibly rewarding alternative to pregnancy. Learn about the adoption process and how to prepare yourself for this unique journey in our adoption section.  Learn more about types of adoption and about how to prepare yourself mentally for this new addition to your family.





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I think I am pregnant, but like many other women my tests have been negative. I had a blood test done 2 weeks ago, and it too was negative. I am 4 weeks late now, and have never been this late. 2 days yes, but never 4 weeks!
3 years ago
Isabela Arribas
Hi.I really need your help I'm not the one who is feeling pregnant buti its my bestfriend,so here it is my bestfriend is just 19 years old and shes experiencing this brown stain in her underwear after she pee, shes really freaking out and dont know what to do so whaf advice can you give? and also she dont have her period yet this coming june 10 is the possible day that she will be having her period.I really hope for your advice so that I can help my friend.Thank you so much ill wait for your advice thank you again.
3 years ago
Hello , I'm only 16 years old going to be 17 this year I am not on any type of birth control and me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex ALL the time we usually do the pull out method but it always happens to slip some in me an we got lucky several times , but recently I had sex and he came in me an another time while he was pulling out a little came got in me I missed my period for a month an I got worried an i was very moody an I tend to randomly feel dizzy like everything is spinning an I'll have to lay down or I'll randomly feel nauseous and I started just feeling odd I never felt this during my periods before an i sometimes have a irregular period an sunday 31of may I finally got my period an I had my last period April 28 now I'm on my period till this day but I still feel those symptoms is there a possibility that I maybe pregnant ? Should I take a test ?
3 years ago
Hello everyone... im new.. my LMP is on 12 april. 19 may i had white sticky discharge that lasted for 3 days. On the 21 i took a HPT came out neg. On the 24, i had a tiny blood clot when i pass urine but no stain on my pad. Lasted for 4 days. On the 29, had small amount of brown stain on pad. Not sure why? Issit my period? Have anyone experience its before?
3 years ago
Hi. There I was hoping someone else maybe in maybe like me. My son is 28 an in april we found out the reason we didn't have any more children was through polys even though we saw docs without the nhs no one ever said anything. I had a op to take a large one any a few days later an now I'm after one unprotected. Sex with my husband I still haven't had a period. I'm 47 years old I would really love another child. Even though we got grand daughters. What are the risks I don't care about myself as I got back problems so the baby would have to c s any way. I. Got signs of being preg like dizziness an going off food I normally eat. Pls help if you can. I'm 5"3 in height an 8'7 in weight. Thank you for. Reading. Xx
3 years ago