Great Games for Baby Showers

Be Confident

It's always good to have a plan in place for any party or event, and a baby shower is no exception. Things just seem to go smoother with scheduled activities. Setting up everything you need for these games in advance of the shower will help you be a confident hostess, too.

Give out Prizes

What's My Size?--Each woman cuts a length of yarn to the size they believe will equal the radius of the expectant mom's belly. Give a prize to the mother who measures the piece of yarn closest to the actual size of the honored pregnant tummy.

Name Those Baby Things--Hand out pads of paper and writing utensils to each guest. Explain that they have five minutes to write down as many baby items as they can. Set the timer for five minutes. Have the guests count up their entries. The guest with the most items wins a prize.

Mystery Meal--Remove the labels from 10 jars of baby food and have the moms guess the food they contain. The woman with the most correct answers wins a prize. If there's a tie, hold a blind taste test on one of the jars. The mom who guesses right, wins!

How Many?--Place a jar filled with diaper pins on the refreshments table and have the moms guess how many pins. Write down the answers. The holder of the number that is closest without going over wins a prize.

Variations: Take a 50 quart clear plastic container and fill it with disposable diapers, all in the same size. Have people guess how many diapers. The contents of the container are donated to the mother-to-be.

Decorate strategic points in the party room with cute clothes pins and ask the moms to tell you how many they spot. The mom who comes closest to the correct number of decorative pins wins a prize and the mommy-to-be keeps the clothes pins.

Featured Features--Make a chart. In a vertical line, list features and characteristics such as eyes, ears, nose, hair, legs, smile, intelligence, humor, and etc. Use your imagination, but have about 25 attributes on your list.

Going across the top of the chart, write Mommy and Daddy, creating two columns. Make several copies of your chart. Have the guests try to guess which features and qualities the mother is hoping for in her baby-to-be--Mom's or Dad's.

The mommy-to-be reads off the list of attributes, stating her preferences, with guests marking their own answers correct or incorrect based on Mommy's answers. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

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