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How To Prepare Your Body For Conception
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To prepare your body for the magical changes that are about to take place, we're going to turn you into a farmer! You're going to learn how to cultivate the "field" (your body) so it is ready to grow the "crop" (your baby) when the time comes. If you are not pregnant yet, but plan on conceiving soon, then now is the perfect time to get prepared. Read about how to alter your diet, and how to start exercising regularly. Plus, learn about how your diet can improve your chances of getting pregnant.

How To Maintain A Healthy Diet, Get The Right Nutrients, and Avoid Dangerous Substances

When you are pregnant, you are caring for your baby as well as yourself. You need more nutrients to handle that extra duty, and you need to make sure they are the right nutrients. You will learn about prenatal vitamins and other medications and how they could affect your pregnancy. You will also get some tips to combat common pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness. Finally, you'll learn what you need to know about caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes.

Get Tips on Morning Sickness, Food Cravings And Maintaining A Healthy Body Image Throughout Your Pregnancy

There are some unique things about pregnancy (besides carrying a baby inside of you, of course.) For example, most pregnant women experience morning sickness, cravings, and food aversions. This ebook will explore these topics, and help you cope with them. You will also receive advice on eating out during your pregnancy, what kind of snacks you can safely eat, and how to keep a positive body image.

How To Remain Physically Fit Throughout Your Pregnancy And How To Work Out Safely When Pregnant

There is no reason to stop exercising once you get pregnant. In fact, it's even more important to stay healthy after you have conceived. Find out why exercise is important, how to start a new workout program, and how to make sure you exercise safely. You'll even learn which exercise are best (and easiest) for pregnant women to perform.

Maintain A Healthy Pregnancy With Diabetes, Anemia, Obesity, Eating Disorders And When Following A Vegetarian Or Low Carb Diet

Learn how to deal with special considerations for certain high-risk factors. Women suffering from diabetes have to be especially cautious once they get pregnant. Through this ebook you will receive some guidance on how to stay healthy and maintain your glucose levels while pregnant. You will also receive tips on how to maintain a vegetarian diet while pregnant, and what to do if you adhere to a low carb diet. Women with anemia, eating disorders, and obesity will also learn how to manage their health and diet during their pregnancy.

It's Never Too Late To Have A Healthy Pregnancy!

By the time you are done reading this eBook, you will hopefully be more at ease about the coming months. You'll be ready to know exactly what you are putting into your body and why. You'll be ready to exercise effectively and safely. You'll be ready to take on morning sickness and crazy cravings. Most importantly, you'll be ready to give your baby the healthiest start possible.

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You may be surprised to learn that babies are greedy. Believe it or not, they really don't care if you are getting all the nutrients that you need, as long as they are. Babies especially drain a lot of iron from their mothers, so load up on that important nutrient now, before you get pregnant. Red meat is great source of iron, so eat a nice big steak the next time you go out to dinner (just make sure it is lean).

Avoid raw meats because they can cause condition known as toxoplasmosis. This disease is common in all people, but normally does not cause any symptoms or problems. In a pregnant woman, however, it can lead to harmful affects on the baby. Babies who are infected can suffer hearing loss, vision loss, mental retardation, and seizures.

Note that the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis is also found in cat feces, so do not change kitty litter while you are pregnant...

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