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Having a
Healthy Pregnancy.

The e-book for you
and your baby.

Finally! An ebook that is honest, intelligent and down to earth.

The editors at have been searching for an ebook on pregnancy and weight gain that we can recommend to our readers. In our quest, we found that most ebooks focus on being slim, on getting back a skinny body and on women's fear of weight gain.

The media does not help either. Magazines love to display actresses in skimpy bikinis showing off their babies - and their own flat bellies. Is this reality? Is this healthy?

No! Since we could not find a healthy, factual ebook to recommend to you, we wrote our own!

Find out the real truth about your health, weight gain, and your pregnancy.

What is a more wholesome approach to pregnancy and weight gain?
Just get the ebook Having a Healthy Pregnancy.

You will find a hands-on approach to our bodies and our pregnancy health that is sensible and easy to follow. In this ebook, pregnant women learn about preparing for a healthy pregnancy, getting in shape ahead of time, and about healthy weight gain.

Plus, gather great tips on having a healthy body image, eating out, food aversions and cravings. What about safe exercises? Learn about the best exercises for each trimester of your pregnancy.

Most pregnancy ebooks do not address special considerations. Having a Healthy Pregnancy does. Read about managing diabetes in pregnancy, being a vegetarian, following a low carb diet, eating disorders and much more.

By the Editors of Pregnancy-Info

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