Unhealthy Comparisons

Positive body image is just as important after delivery as it is during pregnancy. Remember, the happier you are, the happier and healthier your baby is likely to be. Don't put yourself under too much pressure by comparing yourself to other women and especially not to celebrities.

The truth about celebrity pregnancies is that women like Nicole Kidman and Victoria Beckham have the money to spend on personal trainers, expensive diet regimes and child care so that they can go to the gym for several hours a day.

Most women don't have that. Thank your lucky stars that no paparazzi are going to be following you around after you give birth trying to snap a photo of you looking tired and a bit overweight - and move on!

The Good News!

So if you are serious about getting a flat tummy after pregnancy, you need patience and you'll probably have to do some hard work.

Here is some good news to get you motivated! A lot of the things we do as mothers anyway actually help us to lose weight. Breast feeding, for example, burns 500 calories a day!

If you already have young children, don't think that they're going to stop running around just because you've had another baby. They're going to keep you moving!

Pushing a stroller is also good physical activity. And if you are thinking of getting pregnant again, remember that the fitter you are before and during your pregnancy, the easier it will be to get back to your pre-pregnancy figure.

You can begin working on your post-pregnancy stomach even before your baby is born (but always consult your doctor before doing so).

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1. How Long For A Flat Tummy?
2. A happy you is a happy baby
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