How often do older babies feed?

As your baby gets older and better at feeding, you should find it easier to establish a more regular feeding pattern.

Should I Wake Her To Feed?

Newborn babies can be sleepy little things; therefore doctors do recommend that you wake a baby at least once every four hours for a feed (if she does not wake naturally).

Everything is ok when...

- Your baby seems to be satisfied and comfortable after each feed.

- She's healthy and putting on weight after two weeks.

- After the first few days, she's wetting her diaper at least six times a day and passing stools (yellow in color) at least twice a day.

Still Concerned?

Of course, if you have any concerns about the frequency of your baby's feeds, or you think she might not be getting as much as she needs, then you must contact your health care provider for advice and support.

Breastfeeding is easier for some women than for others and almost all women find it challenging at some point during the early days.

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2. Is baby feeding enough?
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