Starting Off Write: Pregnancy Journal

The Great Decision: Prepare for Pregnancy

There are so many things that come into play when a couple begins to prepare for pregnancy. Long hours of discussion over space, time, money and many other things that are pertinent keep you and your partner in very close communion. If you already have another child, then there's the added tension and preparation as you begin to explain the process and what they can expect. In truth, it's a lot to think about.

The emotion of pre-pregnancy is intense, and it begins when the decision to conceive a baby is made. So many feelings - fear, excitement, guilt and worry - simultaneously cram your mind. So many questions - Will I be a good mom? Will the child I already have be accepting? Will I ever enjoy making love to my husband again?--all come to mind.

Pregnant Brain

There's a definition given to women who are pregnant and forget things, it's called pregnant brain. Most pregnant women will admit to losing their minds and memories when they're pregnant, and a fair number will tell you they're still on the lookout for them. In fact, sometimes things do get forgotten, especially when you're pregnant. Things that you absolutely knew you would never, ever forget somehow evaporate from your mind. It's a lot more than where you put your keys, it's those really wonderful moments - the ones you want to treasure forever. How can you remember all of those special moments?

Write It Down: Pregnancy Journal

Keeping a journal is an excellent way to track your feelings and store your memories. Perhaps you are having a difficult time getting pregnant. Writing about the entire process not only helps in dealing with the intensity of the emotion, it can be helpful in dealing with the pain and frustration in a way that does not unleash it upon your beloved. Being able to go back and to see what you wrote a month ago, or six months ago, can affirm how far you've come. Writing can be an excellent release for everything from extreme pain to extreme joy.

Your journal can be the place where, after you conceive, you paste your very first "baby picture" of the ultrasound at six weeks or two months. You can write about what you were thinking, how you felt, what you were dreaming about when you saw that little form on the screen. It's a great way to remember how incredible the time was and how you were feeling at that moment in time.

It Can Be A Keepsake... Pregnancy Journal

The journal can, at some point, become a keepsake for your future child. What a treasure to be able to share with your children when they have grown up and are planning or experiencing their own pregnancy. It can provide a place to share with your child when he's young what it was like for you to know you were going to have him.

...Or Your Diary

Find your own path and write about it. Write it for yourself first. Perhaps it will be something only you will read - perhaps not. It's your choice.

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