Baby Names Starting With "K"

Kane Gaelic Honor
Karsten Greek The Christian
Keene Old English Sharp
Keegan Celtic Fiery
Keaton Old English Where Hawks Go
Keith Welsh Forest
Kelsey Scandinavian Island of Ships
Kelvin Scottish Friend of Ships
Kendall Celtic From the Narrow River
Kendrick Anglo Saxon Ruler
Kenneth, Ken Gaelic Handsome
Kent Welsh Bright White
Kenway Anglo Saxon Courageous in Battle
Kenyon Gaelic Blonde Haired
Kerry Celtic The Dark
Kerwin Celtic Dark Skinned
Kevin Irish Handsome
Kiefer German Barrel Maker
Kilby Teutonic Residence Name
Kilian Latin Blind
Kim Welsh Chief
Kimball Anglo Saxon Royally Brave
Kingsley Old English Residence Name
Kirby Teutonic Residence Name
Kirk Scottish Church
Kit Greek The Christ-Bearer
Kody English Helpful
Konrad Teutonic Able in Counsel
Kurt **** Variant of Conrad
Kyle Gaelic Handsome
Kacey Irish Eagle-Eyed
Kali Greek Rosebud
Kalia Hawaiian Beauty
Kara Latin Dear One
Karen, Karena Greek Pure One
Kassia Greek Pure
Kate Greek Pure
Katherine, Kathy, Kathleen Greek Pure
Katrina **** Variant of Katherine
Kay Greek Rejoicing
Kayla **** Variant of Kay
Keely Celtic Beauty
Kelsey Irish Gaelic Warrior
Kendra Old English Wise
Kerri Irish Gaelic Dark-Haired
Kirby Anglo Saxon Church Town
Kirstyn, Kirsten Scandinavian Annointed One
Kit **** Nickname for Katharine
Kyla, Kyle Scottish Gaelic Lovely

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