Male Libido and Pregnancy

You're Hot and He's Not

You're so hot to trot you can hardly stand yourself, and he's freaking out because he isn't sure if this is a good thing or not. As if being pregnant doesn't have enough challenges, now you've got two people on either end of the spectrum regarding sex. How in the world did that happen?

The reality of pregnancy sex is that there is nothing rational about it. You can be stimulated, sexy, and desiring intimacy today and within a couple of days you'd rather read a book than be in bed. Obviously, it's a hormonal thing. What's important to recognize is that there are two of you who are affected by this pregnancy - he's experiencing all kinds of emotional changes and hormonal changes as well.

You're Too Sexy for Your ...

Most women experience serious changes in their sex drive when they become pregnant. The violent cascade of hormones is the primary cause. Your breasts are becoming fuller and rounder (move over Dolly) and the roundness that is filling out your hips and belly give you a truly feminine softness. Your vulva is becoming engorged with blood which makes sex so much more pleasurable. Your climaxes are more intense and longer - the increased sensitivity and full throttle sex drive are delicious. No worrying about having sex at the right time, no birth control issues. This is it! Let ‘er rip!

Your partner may be full on enjoying every minute of your new-found sex drive, too. Many men are totally turned on by their partners' blossoming bodies and not having to "perform the sex act" in order to conceive is a very liberating thing. For some men, pregnancy sex is the absolute best ever. And, for a lot of men, knowing they were the cause of that round belly is a comforting bit of knowledge. It is like a confirmation of their masculinity. Many men secretly harbor the fear that they are sterile (especially if they messed around with drugs when they were younger), so when they are able to get a woman pregnant they feel "whole" and powerful. Additionally, many men feel a lot closer emotionally to their partners when there's a baby on the way. This plays out in eroticism. On the other hand, it can also be a very intimidating experience for the man as well.

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1. Male Libido and Pregnancy
2. What he thinks about sex
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