What Happened to Him?

Although we have this picture in our minds that men are like the Energizer Bunny, ready to go any time, any place, we may actually have stereotyped the poor guys into a corner.

There is a lot of evidence to support the idea that many men struggle with their libido during their partners' pregnancies.

The first trimester can really douse the flame, especially when you're hanging over the toilet and feeling horrible. He doesn't want to make you feel worse and probably can't figure out if you're okay or not.

Along with the physical symptoms, there's this underlying knowledge that you are no longer the same. You are now on the road to becoming a mother. Your priorities are going to be shifting and he may be feeling threatened by it all.

For a long time he was your primary focus, and now you're focusing on your belly. Before long, the pregnancy will be over and he'll have lost you. At least, that's what he may be thinking - and that is no turn-on.

Your Changing Role May Threaten

As the pregnancy progresses, you may feel more amorous than ever but your body isn't able to do some of the things it used to do.

He may be afraid of hurting the baby - something most men are concerned about with sex during pregnancy. When it comes to sex drive and pregnancy, your changing body may be the source of a lot of conflict, confusion, and misunderstanding.

You may feel sexy and want him all of the time and he may be hesitant because he thinks you think you're fat and unattractive. Then you think he doesn't want to have sex because you think he thinks you're fat and unattractive. It's a wild goose chase and neither of you win.

Let's Talk

The obvious and most important thing for you both to do is dialogue. Talk about how you feel, what your needs and desires are and let him do the same.

You may be surprised to find that you are both feeling very similar about things. This can lead you to some serious fun and experimentation as you both explore the horizons of pregnancy sex.

Are you worried your over-the-top sex drive is well, over-the-top? Or, has it waned so much that you're worried you'll never want to make love again? Read our article on your Changing Sex Drive in this section for some reasons as to why this may be happening.

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