Baby Sling - Maya Wrap Baby Sling and Baby Sling Patterns

A Step Back In Time

You're a busy mom on the go - you've got a new baby and a ton of stuff on your plate. How do you get things done when the baby fusses and wants to be carried, and she's not happy anywhere other than your arms? You do what women in so-called primitive cultures have done for centuries, you put the baby in a sling and carry her around with you. Now baby is quiet and you can get things done. Hurray for antiquities.

As with all things maternity and baby, there are many creators and designers of baby slings. But the concept is essentially the same. It goes over the shoulder or shoulders and baby gets to curl up close to your chest. It's a natural, hands-free way to carry your baby (sort of like being pregnant but not). We'll take a look at some of the popular brands of baby slings in this article, as well as baby sling patterns and the recall of one specific brand of baby sling.

Rockin' Baby - Slings of the Stars

Rockin' Baby Slings can boast a clientele of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow among others have used Rockin' Baby Slings for their new additions. These slings are reversible and adjustable so they can be worn by anyone and they can be worn on either side of the body as well - whatever is most comfortable. It's the prints and patterns that will grab you with this product. They're made from natural, breathable fabrics and are independently tested for strength.

Maya, One of the Big Names

The Maya Wrap Baby Sling is suitable for babies from newborn through toddler. The shoulder design of the Maya Wrap Baby Sling conforms to your shoulders so there's no fussing with the shoulder cap and the light padding on the shoulder is invisible. It fits well across the back and can be worn in a variety of positions. The tail is not padded so it adjusts easily and can also serve as a nursing cover. It's made of 100% Guatemalan handwoven cotton fabric and the prints and patterns are amazing. This company also provides baby sling patterns if you're into sewing your own things. The instructions are easy to follow in the baby sling patterns, so you can whip up a few in different fabrics to suit your own taste.

Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

When Christina Fast's gorgeous baby arrived in the spring of 2006, she found that keeping up with things while holding onto a five-month-old who weighed 22 pounds was very difficult. Necessity is the mother of invention, and Gorgeousbaby Slings was created at her kitchen table. Gorgeousbaby slings are stylish and streamlined, and they're designed and manufactured in Canada. The company is very oriented to natural parenting and offers slings, wraps, and cloth diapers for baby as well.

Lucky Baby Slings are also reversible, as many of the slings are - but these slings don't have rings, buckles, or clips to adjust. You just slip it over the shoulder and you're good to go. The general construction of Lucky Baby Slings is different from most of the other slings on the market in that they have inseam pockets to carry your cell phone, wallet and keys when you go out. The slings are very lightweight and fold smaller than many of the other types of slings for easy storage in the diaper bag.

In 1988, inspired by a book from the La Leche League called "The Continuum Concept", Bev Smith-Hoefs founded Heart To Heart Designs where the Heart to Heart baby slings were created. She also began at home, sewing for her own children and gradually, as friends and others requested her baby slings, she began a business. The Heart to Heart baby slings come in three styles; the original fully padded style, a streamlines, lightly padded compact sling, and an unpadded sling called The Heat Wave. Her mission statement reads: "To enrich the lives of babies and their parents by increased body contact with a view to transforming future generations". You can view her products being demonstrated on YouTube in either French or English.

Always Some Bitter with the Sweet

Unfortunately, with many really good things there also can be some bad news. Such is the case of the Infantino SlingRider and Wendy Bellissimo infant carriers. In March of 2010 the Infantino LLC company pulled one million of these models of slings from the market in the wake of at least three infant deaths. The baby sling recall was totally voluntary and a replacement program was created immediately after a Consumer Product Safety Commission report was released about them. CPSC says that there is a risk involved in all baby carriers citing that a new baby's neck muscles are very weak and they have trouble moving to a new position if they are suffocating. Apparently, the shape and design of the Infantino sling causes the baby to curl in on itself, reducing the ability to breathe.

Maya Baby Slings hacas responded to the CPSC baby sling recall with a statement indicating that their concern is and always has been for the safety of the baby. As a result, they teach proper positioning and have changed their instruction to encourage the tummy to tummy position since it is the easiest method to learn when first using a baby wrap or sling. They are the first company to recommend that a baby sling not be used for babies under eight pounds without seeking professional advice.

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