Casual Tops - Business Casual Maternity Clothes

That most women continue working well into their pregnancies is a well-known fact. With today's economy it is almost a foregone conclusion that both partners in a relationship will work. The need for a maternity wardrobe can be yet another concern for a working mother, but with some planning it is possible to not only maintain your sense of style, but keep your budget intact as well.

Top Tips for Pregnancy Wardrobes

Some of the top tips for pregnancy clothing purchases include buying clothes that will grow with your body. You're not going to really need maternity clothing until well into the second trimester. A lot of women can get through to the third trimester by making some adjustments to their existing wardrobe and adding a couple of pieces of business casual maternity clothes at a time. Another top tip for maternity purchases is to invest in wardrobe staples rather than trendy and cute things that won't work on a practical level. If you wouldn't wear a certain style to work when you're not pregnant, then don't wear it when you are pregnant.

You may not need a maternity business suit, especially if you work in an office that is casual and if you seldom interact with company clients. A great pair of slacks and a nice casual top may be just the ticket for work. However, if you do find that a suit would be a wise investment, then wait until you're definitely showing before you invest in one. The longer you can wait and still maintain a great image the better because you really don't know how your body will change with the growing baby. Purchasing items too soon may leave you with outfits that you can't wear.

Business Casual Maternity Clothing Syles

Business casual maternity clothing styles depend greatly upon the individual's body type and sense of style. Add to that the work environment and you have the basic criteria for shopping. Some of the top maternity clothes for work are pants and skirts that use Lycra for the belly. Lycra accommodates the changing shape of your body without bunching and puckering under your tops. If you are pregnant during the warmer months, cotton maternity clothes are a good bet to help keep your already-too-warm body a little cooler. Real cotton needs ironing, though, so be prepared to touch up your cotton maternity clothes after you've washed them.

Yet another tip for maternity wear purchased for work is to choose your basic items in neutral colors like black, tan, white, and gray. You can add color with a top and pizazz with some great maternity accessories. Many designers of maternity clothes also carry great accessories, so if you're not prepared to invest in designer maternity clothing, at least you can indulge yourself in some beautiful maternity jewelry or pregnancy accessories.

Gradually Increasing Your Maternity Wardrobe

If you're trying to downplay your pregnancy, gradually introduce one or two new maternity items at a time into your wardrobe. You do this by pairing the new item with something your colleagues are familiar with seeing. As you progress in your pregnancy you may find, as many women do, that pants aren't very comfortable. You may decide to wear skirts instead of dress pants. This is where a simple A-line dress can be fashion statement for many working expectant moms.

Clothing Is Important but It's Not the Only Thing

The idea of a professional maternity wardrobe is to look polished and professional. A word of wisdom is warranted here - don't allow yourself to become so consumed with finding the right business casual maternity clothes or designer maternity clothing that you forget about the rest of your look. A professional image is more than clothing. Well groomed hair, tasteful jewelry, great shoes and carefully applied make-up are as much a part of a professional look as the clothes you wear.

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