Clothes Shopping - Maternity Clothes Checklist

Depending upon whether you plan to work for the duration of your pregnancy, and what kind of climate you live in, your maternity clothing needs may vary somewhat. However, overall, there are some items that are important for an expectant mom to have, regardless of where she lives or what she does in terms of work.

Unlimited Budget? Hardly.

As with most women, the clothing budget doesn't always allow for huge expenditures, so knowing how to buy maternity clothing is good information. Whether you're petite or maternity plus size, the guidelines are the same. Don't purchase too much before your baby bump shows, but do buy some of the things you'll need before the moment in time you'll need them. One of the wonderful things about pregnancy is that you will likely experience a major growth spurt in the second trimester (if it is a single pregnancy), and there's no telling exactly when that will happen. But, you can be sure of this, your clothing will definitely be fitting differently. If you work outside the home, then it is a given that you'll want to have some clothing in hand for this momentous event. Know also that good quality maternity clothing is designed to go with you throughout your pregnancy, and in many cases, beyond. It will stretch with your body and it is definitely worth the investment.

Go for Comfort

Comfort and beauty go hand-in-hand in women's maternity fashions. You can have great looking clothing, but if it isn't comfortable or the fit isn't good, then the chances are you won't wear them. So, try different styles and find things that look great and feel great, too. Check out the various maternity clothes fashions in your favorite department stores. Old Navy maternity shopping is easy and fun, especially since you can do it in person or online. Another great source for maternity clothes and shoes is Bella Maternity. Old Navy has great maternity wear at good prices with a wide selection for you to choose from for your maternity clothes checklist. You can do your maternity baby shopping at Old Navy as well. They have wonderful baby clothing, and it is fun to look for those tiny little items. Baby clothes shopping is a great way to relax and have fun. You get to dream and ponder your baby.

Your Maternity Wear Checklist

Some maternity stores provide a basics-box with some of the basic items you'll need in terms of maternity wear. They are available in sizes 0 maternity through 2x maternity and are a godsend. Keep in mind that you don't have to buy everything at once, but there are a few things you'll need at the start of your second trimester. Wait as long as you can before shopping for your maternity clothing because your size may change. However, the general rule of thumb is to purchase your maternity clothing in your pre-pregnancy size.

Here are some items we think are important to be on your basic maternity clothes checklist. It may go without saying - comfortable underwear is very important. But, just because it's maternity it doesn't mean it shouldn't be sexy or cute. You can get delightful maternity underwear in hot styles - and that includes bras and panties. Speaking of bras, by the time you hit the end of your second trimester or begin your third, look for a good nursing bra. You'll find the support is helpful for those growing mammary glands. When purchasing tops, remember that your body will likely run hotter than usual, so stick to a tank or sleeveless shell that is covered with a great cardigan for your initial purchase. This twosome will go well over skirts, pants or jeans. A wrap sweater may be another consideration because it grows with you. You can tie it wherever it is comfortable to do so. Some flattering slacks, especially if you're still working, are a wise choice as are leggings. A slim sitting skirt for work or just going out is a smart item in your closet - again, especially if you're working outside of the home. Don't forget your jeans! You likely won't be wearing those size 6 babies for a while, so get yourself a great pair of maternity jeans that will go with you throughout your pregnancy. A tunic top and a guy-style white shirt round out the list.

Comfy Shoes and Smashing Accessories Top the Look

While maternity clothing includes shoes, there is no product called "maternity shoes". However, if you work in an office, you'll probably need some fashionable shoes to go with your wardrobe and to look polished. But you don't have to wear spike heels to be in style. Choose some low-heeled shoes for your safety and comfort and buy them a half size larger than usual to allow for swelling. Flats may not be necessary, but no balance-beam antics while pregnant please.

Top everything off with some great accessories, hot bracelets, cool neck pieces and wonderful earrings will set your outfits off with pizazz. Now, it appears, you're good to go.

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