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The Internet Makes Comparison Shopping Easy

Thank heaven for the internet! It takes the stress and footwork out of doing comparison shopping and makes finding and buying maternity accessories much easier. There was once a time when a pregnant woman just went through the pregnancy as best she could, without the advantage of the many pregnancy accessories available to make life for the expectant mom so much easier. Now you can compare maternity accessories, read the maternity accessories reviews and check out the maternity accessories prices without leaving the comfort of your home. For the pregnant woman, that's a blessing.

Maternity Accessories...More Than Clothing

When it comes to maternity accessories, the list has grown from suitable maternity clothing to such things as belly bands and pregnancy pillows. Belly bands are great for extending the wear of pants and skirts by adding a stretchy band that hooks onto the button on the garment. It extends over the belly allowing for the wear of tops that would otherwise be too short, and for pants and skirts that are more than a little tight around the waist.

Everything From Belly Belts to Belly Oil

Belly belts are a great aid and super pregnancy accessory, helping to protect the lower back by relieving some of the pressure caused by the weight of the baby. You can do some comparative maternity accessory pricing on these items, they're common these days and prices do vary with different companies. One of the more "out there" maternity accessories is a belly casting kit. These things are great! It's a non-toxic plaster that the pregnant woman uses to create a mold of the front of her body to forever capture the beauty of her pregnant belly and breasts. It makes an incredible gift and a great keepsake. A picture frame to hold baby's first photo (ultrasound) is another great maternity accessory that is available online and also at some maternity shops. How about some belly oil - there's a huge variety of it available - to keep the stretch marks at bay? So much to buy.

Progressive Accessories, Moving from Pregnancy to Baby

Pregnancy wedges go under the belly to relieve the weight of the tummy when mom is lying on her side. A really popular maternity accessory is the pregnancy pillow, which has become an item most women can't live without during their pregnancies. This pillow allows for resting the belly and the head, wrapping the leg over to relieve stress in the lower back, and makes for a much better sleep (whatever sleep she can get). It also morphs into a baby accessory as many moms use it as a nursing pillow when feeding baby in bed.

Other baby accessories that serve a dual purpose are boob tubes. These flax seed filled numbers can be cooled or warmed, according to the need, and placed inside the nursing bra and around those swollen mammaries for relief while you're waiting for your milk supply to regulate. Other baby accessories include intercoms for mom's peace of mind, and special spritzes to calm things down for a peaceful feeding.

The Old Standards

Outside of the more adventurous and fun pregnancy accessories, Old Navy continues to provide excellent prices on maternity clothes and maternity clothing accessories. Check them out for maternity tights, sleeping bras and maternity underwear. You might want to view their maternity swimwear as well - who knows - maybe you'll go on a cruise. One more thing. Maternity jewelry is a wonderful addition to any woman's maternity wardrobe. Beautiful silver bangles with baby's due date, Mom and Baby dog tags in gold or silver, and necklaces with tiny booties inside of hearts are just some of the choices available.

You can check all of these and many other maternity accessories out Evymama Maternity Boutique, Old Navy, and Glow Maternity, among others. Check out the maternity accessories reviews for items online and if it's pricing you have questions about or want to compare, then try Nextag Comparison Shopping.

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