Maternity Gifts

Pamper Her - She Deserves It

Every woman loves to receive gifts. It just makes a woman feel special to know she's thought of and that someone would take the time to choose a gift for her. There are certain times when gifts mean so much, and one of those times is when a woman is expecting a baby. Often, during the course of her pregnancy, she has days when she'd just rather not be bothered, or she's feeling off, or fat, or clumsy, or in a foul mood. Maybe her back hurts and she has other little ones at home that need care. It is at times like these that thoughtful gifts can make her day.

Pregnancy gifts are many and varied, but there are some that are considered classic maternity gifts. One of the most popular is something to pamper her. A spa day that includes a massage, pedicure and manicure then a visit to the hairdresser can brighten her life for days to come. Maternity gift baskets of pampering gifts that include foot scrubs, belly creams, bath salts, and a loofah sponge help to ease some of those tough days.

Help Her Build Her Wardrobe

Maternity clothes make great motherhood gifts as well. It's costly and sometimes difficult to build a maternity wardrobe, especially since pregnancy can demand at least two wardrobes in different sizes to get through to delivery day. A comfortable and chic lounging suit that she can wear around the house or even outside is a wonderful gift. Or, choose a lovely maternity nighty with nursing access for her nighttime comfort. Often these nighties come with a sleeper for the new baby in matching fabric. Maternity t-shirts are also a welcome gift. Something she can wear with her jeans to run around town would be most welcome. One clothing gift that is always popular is a gift certificate to her favorite maternity shop where she can buy fashion maternity clothes that she'd love to have.

A Good Read and A Cozy Blanket

There are so many different ways to give a gift of love and encouragement to a pregnant woman. If this is her first pregnancy, a subscription to a great parenting magazine will be a gift that keeps on giving. There are also a lot of good books covering pregnancy and the baby's first year. Find out what she'd like and give her the book. She'll appreciate having it when she sits with her feet up. While her feet are up, she can experience the comfort of a cozy throw blanket, comfy slippers or a pregnancy pillow - all of which make excellent gifts.

Yummy in the Tummy Gifts

More maternity gift ideas include ways to satisfy those cravings for special foods. If you know she's mad about Mexican food and has been craving it since she got pregnant, then a gift certificate to the best Mexican restaurant in town would make her smile for days. A great gift basket of her favorite things to nibble on is another maternity gift idea that takes care of those moments when she simply needs to have something special.

Something For Baby and Mom

There are many places to shop where there are wonderful gifts for motherhood. Old Navy is a gift givers dream store because there are so many fun and functional things that would make a pregnant woman glad. There are also wonderful baby gifts to be found in Old Navy's baby department. If you know the family is "green", then go for organic motherhood gifts and baby gifts. Organic cotton receiving blankets that are soft and thick, made of organic cotton that is fuzzy on one side and silky on the other is sure to please baby and mother. A Didymos Organic Cotton Sling for baby is another great maternity gift idea for both mother and baby. A new mom can thrill to the experience of baby- wearing and the allergen and irritant-free fabric of these organic slings makes them comfortable for baby.

Giving great maternity gifts is getting easier and easier.

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Hi I'm 15 weeks 1 day .im due in sept. I know I am prob in the safe zone however can't bring myself to feel relaxed due to a miscarriage in 2012 at 7 weeks
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