Maternity Bermuda Shorts

When the warm weather hits, every pregnant woman has one thing on her mind - cooling off. Having a little heater dwelling inside of your body raises the temperature considerably, and when you consider the increase in body size, well, finding a way to dress that promotes comfort and coolness is important.

Shorts Are Great Summer Items

The great thing about the warmer months is that the clothing options are fun and make for great opportunities to dress in trendy and hip clothing. One of the favorite items for pregnant women in the warm months is shorts. While a few expectant moms can wear the shorter, cut-off version of this summer staple, most pregnant women prefer to wear shorts that are a little bit on the longer side. Also, if you're working through the summer while pregnant, finding maternity wear suitable for work that is also cool and comfortable can present a challenge. Trendy maternity cargo shorts or maternity capris can answer with dilemma easily. Pair them with a great maternity top, or a classy tank top and you're good to go.

Dress Them Up or Down

Old Navy carries Bermuda shorts that can be worn for casual fun or dress. Check in at Old Navy maternity wear to find dress maternity capris in linen or cotton, and Bermuda shorts with a tidy cuff that makes them more sophisticated for office wear. Maternity cargo shorts are also great for the office, but only on days when really relaxed wear is allowed. Maternity cargo shorts are wonderfully comfortable and have either drawstring ties at the knee or cuffs held up with string or buttons. The many pockets featured on cargo shorts are in keeping with the original style. Fun and functional at the same time.

Stretch Fabric or Nylon, They're Cool and Fun

Stretch fabric maternity shorts and maternity shorts made of nylon are great for those women who continue their fitness workouts. Both types of fabric breathe and are designed to be lightweight and comfortable. Today's stretch fabric maternity shorts can be found in a variety of styles, including cargo shorts, Bermuda shorts, and shorter versions with or without pockets. The stretch fabric makes it easy for the top to cover the baby bump without rolling down. Old Navy's seersucker striped Bermuda shorts are made of a stretchy blend of cotton, nylon and spandex. They're light, comfortable and good for work or play.

Maternity Board Shorts - The Trendiest

One design that has really become popular in trendy maternity wear is maternity board shorts. Maternity board shorts are a great look for the active mom who loves to take part in any of the boarding sports. Not that she'll be doing it during her pregnancy, but the style keeps the memories fresh. They come in a variety of lengths and are all made of quick drying, lightweight nylon. There is something definitive about maternity board shorts - the tie at the belly, the stripe down the sides and around the bottom of the leg, the loose fit and the casual look are all part of the trendy look they provide. You can find them in the maternity section of Gap and also the maternity wear made by Banana Republic. Both stores tend to service the hip and trendy shopper and those with a youthful mindset.

Regardless which style you choose for your summer shorts, Bermudas, maternity capris, maternity board shorts, or maternity cargo pants, you'll be going through the summer months in style and comfort.

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