Maternity Dress - Special Occasion Maternity Dresses

Have you ever had a suit or dress tailored to fit only you? If you have, then you know the feeling of having a very special outfit designed to fit your particular body. It is hard to know how many people still have their clothing tailor made for them, but there are certainly many pregnant women who are now able to take advantage of well-made, beautifully designed special occasion maternity dresses and formal maternity dresses.

So Many Beautiful Styles to Choose From

There is no shortage of fabulous designer maternity dresses whose creations adorn the mannequins and windows of the best maternity shops in the world. Many of these fashions are available from the online shops of these very designers, or through one of the many high-end maternity clothing shops you can find online. One need only go to the recent celebrity sightings to see what is current in fashion and trends, and then click to see where that same dress design can be purchased online. Check out Mimi Maternity for a good selection of beautiful special occasion dresses - including plus size maternity dresses. Who knows, maybe your significant other will spring for your new dress as a maternity gift for the woman he loves.

When it comes to the very special occasions in your life, you want to have the best outfit in which to celebrate. Whether it is a wedding, engagement party, anniversary or other happy occasion, having the perfect dress for the occasion adds to the specialness of it. If it is possible to have your special occasion maternity dress sewn for you, then you will have a dress that is meant to fit only you - something special indeed.

Choosing a Maternity Wedding Dress

Today, pregnant brides have more opportunities to choose from gorgeous designs for their own perfect white maternity dress - their wedding dress. One style that is ever in the moment is the Grecian style white maternity dress with silk chiffon ties. Or the maxi dress is another option that is ever beautiful and elegant. Depending upon what you like, your dress may be a long maternity dress, or you may opt for a baby doll length. has a fabulous selection of dresses in myriad designs. It is possible to design your own wedding dress as well - now that's a treat.

When You're Asked to be a Bridesmaid

If you're not the bride, but the bride asked you to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, then you'll be looking for a maternity bridesmaid dress (unless the wedding is after the baby is born). There are some things you can do to ease the stress of being in a wedding with a constantly changing body. Usually the invitation to be a part of the wedding occurs months before the actual day, so an empire waist dress is the best choice. Find the best style for your body, something you look and feel lovely in - remember that the days of everyone dressing in the same style is almost a thing of the past. If an empire waist dress is an absolute no-go, then wear a bridesmaid outfit of separates that allow for a panel to be added to the skirt as needed. An A-line dress can also carry off a growing baby bump. This is where having a good seamstress is a major plus. Keep away from bows and frills, they don't do anything for a pregnant woman except add size.

Don't Forget Footwear

Your special occasion maternity dress, whether it is a maternity bridesmaid dress or that very special white maternity dress you have chosen for your wedding, will need wonderful shoes to complete the outfit. Purchase your shoes a half size larger to allow for swelling in your feet. None of us likes to think about it, but the fact of the matter is that our feet do swell and tight shoes are just not fun. By ensuring your shoes have extra room, you remove one more stress and position yourself for a beautiful time in your beautiful dress.

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